I'm starting a new travel series and I need YOUR help!!

Monday, March 23

I am so so excited!! 
{can you tell?? eekkkk!!}
Here's why...for 4 years I poured my heart and soul into sharing my travels with you via this blog! 
And then I sadly walked away (you can read more about that here) 

But...I have been thinking and praying and leaning into an idea to start sharing my travels again in a fun and interactive way:) 

Now....You might be looking at me all skeptical thinking...why are you sharing your travels? you know we can't go anywhere right now, RIGHT? haha, boy do I know that! We have been sheltering in place like it's our job (cause it kinda is ALL our jobs right now!)...and you're right... none of us should be going anywhere, except maybe to play outside in our yards or to the grocery store. 

But, we will not be confined forever. I have so much hope that one day this will end. And when it does, we will be able to connect with the rest of the world on a physical level. 

But for now...my heart and prayer is to share the beauty of the world with all of you as I have experienced it. God has gifted me with tremendous opportunity in my life to engage with over 40 countries...meeting people who have inspired me to become the person I am and encouraging me to love and serve God in a deeper way. 

In South Africa my perspective of worship was enlarged as I praised Jesus in a drum circle and danced for the Lord like I had never danced before. 

In Sweden I saw my Swedish family come around me with the most incredible hospitality I've ever experienced...cooking every meal (to meet my allergies), giving us personal tours of the country, and laughing and singing and opening their hearts to us. 

In Thailand I saw the church be feet on the ground, as I lived in a refugee camp on the border of Thailand and Burma. I saw a pastor there love on the refugees and provide many services to them because he knew it was what Jesus was calling him to do. 

In Turkey I saw the gospel go forth in powerful ways, transforming lives that were once held in bondage and step into an incredible light. 

And the list goes on and on and on....God does amazing things around the world, and I love being part of it! 

 So....here's my idea...

Each week I plan to pick a new country and share pictures and itineraries...and then at the end of the week interview someone who lives in that country and discuss how they are experiencing covid-19 in their own country. 

My deepest desire is that we as the church could come around that person interviewed, and love on them and pray for them! How cool would that be if each week we are engaging with someone from a new country than ours, and sending our thoughts and prayers to them via this blog or IG!!! 

So...here's what I would love your help with. If you know someone that lives in one of the following countries (or if YOU live in one of these countries), please email me. I would love to interview and feature you on this blog & IG! 

Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Ecuador - Columbia - Greece - Turkey - Nepal - India - England - Tahiti - Haiti - Switzerland - France - (there are more, but we'll start with these:) 

I would also love for you to spread the word on IG so we can get more and more people to engage together from all different countries! I will share more about ways to engage soon!! 

I also want to start doing some fun give-aways, as during this time when we are all cooped up...it's fun to receive things in the mail!! So look for those! 

Can't wait to start spreading my passion for the world once again...and can't wait to do it alongside all of you wonderful people!! xoxo 

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