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Saturday, March 28


To cap off my week reminiscing about Nepal on my IG, I wanted to share with you about a way my sister-in-law and I have worked to support artisans in Nepal!

Did you know that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world?
When we lived there, the electricity was only on during certain hours of the day, which deterred businesses to invest in business in Nepal.

Did you know that 25% of the country's GDP is remittance? (meaning money being sent back into Nepal from Nepalese workers in countries abroad)
 So many families cannot support themselves with jobs in Nepal, so generally the men decide to go to countries in the Middle East or Korea to find jobs and then send money home to families. This means thousands of families are growing up without their father's present. It breaks my heart.

So...in 2018, Kevin and I, and my sister in law Kristi and her husband Jeff decided to start supporting local artisans in Nepal. Kristi and Jeff were living in Nepal at this time (while Jeff was getting his PhD work done), so Kristi was able to visit different leather craftsmen around Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Kristi and I designed the bags and then hired skilled craftsmen (and women) to make our products. We've definitely had some trial and error, but we now have products that we are so proud of!

Today I wanted to give away 2 Lottie Leather bags! 
If you win, you get to pick which bag you want!! 

I use the Lyla and Harper bags every day, and they are amazing!!! The Lyla I use as a diaper bag, and the Harper I use as a purse when I run errands or go to work! The leather is amazing, thick and sturdy and a beautiful toffee color!

Here's how to enter:
- Follow @lottieleather on IG
- Follow me @hope_engaged on IG
- Comment with which bag you love
- Tag 3 friends who may love a Lottie Leather bag!!

(If you don't have Instagram, feel free to comment here on the blog with which bag you would like!)

We would love for you to keep Lottie Leather in mind for the future, as every bag purchased supports an artisan family in great ways!!

Feel free to check out the website to see all the bags at www.lottieleather.com

Happy Weekend dear ones!!! 2019-08-21_0008.jpg2019-08-21_0032.jpg

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