A fun way to send quarantine love via mail

Tuesday, April 7

 I’ve been thinking a lot about ways I can especially love our elderly family and friends. I was on the phone the other day with my dear 86 year old friend named Lois! She was so joyous for my sake that I had two babies and a husband I could hug and kiss in person, and asked me to pray for many of her neighbors in her mobile home park that are all alone (she's always thinking of others...as she is alone herself!).

It made me really think how lonely some people are...no physical contact with anyone. As humans we were created for other human touch, and this is compounding the heartache of this season. Since we cannot offer physical touch, I thought about a way I could send a thoughtful reminder to my elderly friends.

One of Kevin's grandmother's LOVES when we send her pictures of our family...it's all she asks for, which is really cute. She gets so excited when we send her photos of us and the kiddos:)

This gave me the idea of taking a photo of our family holding a sign that we can write a personalized note on for each person we send it to (the sign is blank when we take the pic, and later after the picture is developed do we write the note!). Then they can see our smiling faces and hopefully imagine we are virtually hugging them:)

I had a chalkboard lying around that I cleaned off to make a blank slate. I used the self-timer feature on my camera as we are in quarantine and had no one to take our picture, haha!!

Then I took my flash drive to CVS, printed the photos in minutes and went home and wrote notes on them! I just used a white chalk paint pen so that it showed up on the black chalkboard.

I plan to send them all out this week!

Easy Peasy!! You too can send some virtual love to all your grandparents and friends and family:)

What are some fun ways you are finding to send love to others?? xoxo 

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