My English Cottage goals…our climbing rose

Monday, April 20

When we moved into our house 4 years ago, I had grand visions of transforming our humble abode (truly) into a thing of British beauty! Since I've always been a devoted Anglophile (ie: I LOVE all things England!), my vision for the house was a precious country garden and proper little cottage, with climbing roses of course!

 The facade of our house was a an extremely lackluster brown brick (poopy brown as I referred to it), and Sooo.....

The first month we lived there my mother in law flew up and we painted the entire front of our house! We borrowed paint sprayers from a friend who used to own a painting company and went to town. We scrubbed and primed and painted our little hearts out, and the end result was so satisfying! (For reference, the color I chose is called China White.)

I will show you are before and after of the front of our house soon, but today I just had to show you how gorgeous our climbing rose is in all it's blooming glory! Last year I put a pink climbing rose on my birthday list, and my brother and sister-in-law surprised me with it a few days before my birthday in March. It was like 2 feet tall and maybe had about 10 roses on it last year.

A little over a year later, this beauty has CLIMBED!! It is now half way across our library and garage, and I can't wait to see it continue to grow. This year it has just bursted at the seams with roses! It's a Cecil Brunner climbing rose, and it has just been spectacular!

When I step outside onto my porch it is filled with the natural perfume of these lovely buds. It has brought so so much JOY to me in this season. Every day the kids and I sit out on the porch with a popsicle and enjoy the roses…Avonlea has started saying "mama, aren't they so so so so beautiful?", it's adorable.

What are the small joys in your world today? xoxo 

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