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Saturday, April 25

On Monday morning, Avonlea emphatically exclaimed "mama, today we should go on a walk, eat dinner (what she calls breakfast, ha), and have a party with a cake and tea!"

There are quite a few things I can't make happen for her right now, but I could most definitely make this dream a reality, haha!

So, after our planned walk and breakfast, we got to work making a cake and tea. I used this paleo cake recipe which is the BEST cake I've ever tasted, seriously so so good. Go make it! For the tea (which is "hot chocolate" but not) I actually use almond milk mixed with chocolate protein powder, haha...keeping it healthy and the sugar content low.

Avonlea was quite particular this day...she asked if we could wear our fancy dresses. I let her pick mine out (side-note...she picks this dress out for me every single day to wear, but I never do) and she and I twirled and talked in our "Fancy voice" which is essentially a very bad British accent, haha!

When we went to go set up our spread, it dawned on me how many beautiful tid bits we have here and there that could enhance the aesthetics. I mean, there is nothing wrong with sitting at our kitchen table with normal plates. But I thought about the choice I had to make things "fancy" (as we were already doing) and chose to try to bring a little air of "specialness" into our quiet, ordinary little life.

Friends, finding beauty has been getting us through this quarantine.

Choosing to accept my reality right here, and then looking for the gifts and treasures inside it.

Oh friends, do you know that we are an environment in and of ourselves? Edith Schaffer (one of my favorite authors ever) wrote

"In the power of the Holy Spirit ....we are an environment which is affecting people around us. People who come across us or who walk into our presence, become involved. Whether we choose to be an environment or not, we are. We produce an environment other people have to live in.  The effect on them is something they cannot avoid."

At home,
in my ordinary days,
with my two small children...
what environment am I choosing?

But ohhhhh...how this lifted me up in the most inspiring of ways...

"Enthusiasm and excitement infect other people: expectancy that God can intervene and do something in this moment of history and doing something practical to show that expectancy in prayer, affects the attitudes other people are going to have to their troubles"

Today I choose to be an environment that is EXCITED about what GOD CAN DO in this moment of history.

I want to invite Avonlea into praying for our friends and neighbors.

I want to invite my babies into an environment of creativity and beauty that displays the splendor and loveliness of our God.

Beauty can be brought forth in any form...
worshipping with your children
flowers picked in your garden
twirling in a pretty dress
music played and listened to
prayers uttered together
delicious food
reading a book aloud

Friends...we get to CHOOSE.
Oh how wonderful...what wonderful news!
We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to choose beauty within the space God has given us.
Even in frugal conditions, with not much to spare financially, God will enable us to bring beauty. As Edith says "sacrifice does not mean ugliness, nor does it mean carelessness"

Ohhh....love that!

So let's accept our reality, and press into an environment that leads other straight into the heart of our glorious King! The most BEAUTIFUL one of all! 

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