Selling Our house- how God continues to answer our prayers

Friday, November 6

If you haven't read the story of how we bought a house, you can read that first here:) 

While finding and buying our new house has been an incredible experience, it made it more real that we would have to part with our current house. We have poured so much love into this house, or what I like to lovingly refer to as my "cottage".  So many beautiful memories have been made here...we brought our first two children home from the hospital to this house, celebrated countless birthdays, cried and laughed and hosted a million parties and friends from all around the world! 

While I have total peace about moving forward, there is still a sadness to leave this sweet place. This home sort of became our baby...we poured so much time and energy, love and creativity into making this our little cottage and I guess I wanted to see it go to the right people. 

I began to pray that God would bring the right buyers a long, who would love this house as much as we did. Who would see all the beautiful aspects of it...the gorgeous natural lighting, beautiful hardwood floors, all the aesthetic projects we've done to enhance the vibe (ie: shiplap, beadboard, wainscoting, etc). And lastly who would love our neighbors well and desire community.  

The first few days we listed it we had SO many showings. And....getting a home ready to show (ie: CLEAN and TIDY) is absolutely NO JOKE with a toddler and a baby! It's hard enough just to leave the house with little ones, much less vacuum, do dishes, put away junk that kids pull out, etc!!  It almost killed me, but I made it. (Nevermind like 10 minutes before a showing I discovered Everett had grabbed the toilet bowl brush and was walking around the house splashing nasty toilet water on everything!! Gahhhh!!! 

Day 2 of showings we heard there was a couple VERY interested who planned to make an offer. On Day 4 of showings, they did. They sent over a letter to us, and you guys...tears began to stream down my face as I read it. Not only did they write that walking into our house was like walking into their "dream home" but they went on to appreciate all that we had done to make it beautiful. They ended the letter by saying they wanted to continue our legacy of loving and welcoming people in. 

I DIED! I couldn't believe how perfect they were, how much they loved our home, and how they wanted to be a source of community in our neighborhood! Those were all the things I had prayed specifically for. Wow God, thank you! 

Again, just another prayer that God has answered on this journey that shows me we are walking in His will and timing. I have been so impacted by the passages in John that talk specifically about asking for things in Jesus' name, and God saying He will answer. I am not naive enough to think that everything we ask will be answered according to our wishes (because LIFE has shown me that isn't true, haha), but never the less, I've been so encouraged to ASK. To boldly come before his throne and make the ask. If it's in God's will, then He will move in that direction. And if it's not, He will move in another direction. But how the Lord desires us to come to Him. To pour our hearts desires out (big or small). 

Be encouraged sweet friend! Ask today:) 

(A few pics of our current house that we've fixed up the last 5 years!) 

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