5 married months with my best friend

Friday, January 13

{Watching Polly kill it in basketball in SLO}
{He literally will "catch me if I fall...."....thank goodness that was a clean ride!}
{Just riding a bear, and acting like chilluns}

{The sweet face I get to look at each day}

{Hiking on a BEEEEEeautiful day in SLO!}

When people ask me how married life has been, a smile peaks on my face and eyes light with thanksgiving. Truly, I feel so undeserving of something so divine. Last night I whispered in to Kevin's ear as we faded off to bed "I never knew I could love anyone so much". Half asleep, he smiled, and pulled me tight, kissing the top of my heard, "I love you".

Together for the last 2 1/2 years, and married for the last 5 months. What a wonderful God we have that created such beauty and teamwork and partnership within marriage. An advocate, ambassador, lover, friend, encourager, and shelter has my husband become.

Thanks for cooking gluten free with me, doing the laundry, dancing and laughing with the shades down, reading and praying with me. Thanks for belly laughing at my jokes (or my "katie-isms"), for holding me when I cry, for putting up with my restless sleeping habits (earplugs and all), and for running with me after I eat sugar.

Love you KWC! Here's to the journey! Love KEC:)

{He even let me draw a mustache on him!}
{Love HIM!}

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  1. AWWWWWWW LOOOOVE THIS POST, Katie!!!! I am SO happy for you two - and so thrilled that the Lord gave you such an amazing husband! You two are perfect together. I cannot wait until the four of us can finally meet up!!!! Love you!


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