Sister, Sister

Thursday, January 26

My two sweet sisters are coming to visit this weekend. In just a few short minutes I pick Lena up from the airport, and then tomorrow Polly is driving down from SLO.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I love my sisters, and am thankful to have 2 of them! Siblings are so funny, because we all come from the same gene pool, but can be so different and similar at the same time, right?

People tell me that Lena and I look a lot a like, and have the same mannerisms. When I worked at Invisible Children, my good friend Erin stayed with Lena and said she couldn't get over how similar our mannerisms was like we were the same person. haha. gave me a good chuckle! But then of course, Lena's brain works so differently than high school she was taking calculus at Chico State and setting the curve! The curve people! Did I ever take calculus?....are you kidding me? I use a calculator for just about everything these days.... And then of course she just graduated with a degree in civil engineering. (side note...we used to joke that being a woman engineer put you at pretty good odds with meeting a guy, since most engineering classes the ratio was about 100 guys to 2 girls. Lena always shot back "Well the odds are good, but the goods are odd"!) The closest I ever got to engineering was walking by the engineering department or standing next to my sister.

Polly on the other hand looks nothing like me. She is blond haired and light green eyes, and short and our facial features look nothing alike. Never in a million years could you pick us out of a crowd as sisters. But she and I have similar personalities as well. She is probably sweeter than me though:) However, like Lena she is also good at math and science and all those things that make me sweat and put my brain into overload. (Can you tell yet that i'm right brained?) Somehow those genes passed over me!

But one thing my sisters both have in common is that they love Jesus and they both inspire me in so many ways. They are just as beautiful on the inside as the outside (which I think says a lot because I think they are both gorgeous!) They also laugh a lot....which I think is a spiritual gift. I love being around people who laugh a lot, so lucky for me my sisters carry their smile and laughter wherever they go.

thankful today that this weekend we will laugh....a lot. enjoy your family and enjoy this weekend!
much love, Katie

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  1. i love sisters, too. so good. also i laughed at "...setting the curve! the curve people!" hahah you are awesome. i'll have to tell you about the time i took calc 2 freshman year of college. FAIL. also, you and lena look like natalie portman. hotties.


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