a beautiful ending

Sunday, May 6

when Kevin and I moved in to our apartment,
our prayer was that our home would be a place of warmth and love to all who entered. 
a love that radiated between Kevin and I, and a love that radiated towards our guests. 

Dear Henri Nouwen said this, 
"Every good relationship between two or more people, whether it is friendship, marriage, or community, creates space where strangers can enter and become friends. Good relationships are hospitable. When we enter into a home and feel warmly welcomed, we will soon realize that the love among those who live in that home is what makes that welcome possible. Hospitality is more than an expression of love for the guest. It is also and foremost an expression of love between the hosts."
 this weekend was SO full of hospitality that truly warmed my heart. 

neighbors to dinner
you know the cutest little boys that I always blog about (here, and here)? well we finally found a time to have their whole family over to dinner! italian food, catch phrase, brownies, and talking late into the night. i love building relationships! funniest part of the night was probably when 7 year old KC got the phrase "one night stand" in catch phrase...we laughed for a good minute on that one! haha! 

JT's t-ball game
saturday morning we went to JT's t-ball game. HIL.AR.IOUS. i haven't been to a sporting event full of 4 year olds for, like, ever! kevin and i spent the entire time laughing. 4 year olds are definitely waaay more into their cool gear and team cheers, than they are the actual game. oh man. so funny! 

cinco de mayo party
let's face it, we gringos love cinco de mayo because it's a great excuse to eat mexican food and party. and who doesn't like that combination? we thought it would be a sweet opportunity to have 2 worlds collide, so we invited our life group from church and our neighbors! suuuccchhhh a fun time! ay yayay! 
{first things first...the sweet chicos that live below came over along with dear chels, and we decorated!}
{jess teaching missy and i the art of warming tortillas}
{sweet chels with our goddaughter lili}
{no party is complete without margs...mmmm yum!}
 {the best carne asada i've ever had...we picked it up from the local mexican market on our street}
 {gahhh love these two} 
{we then spent the rest of the night playing games galore! such a wonderful cinco de mayo!}

i hope you all have a sweet week:)

love Katie 


  1. This is beautiful Katie!
    I also had people over this weekend. It is so nice to be able to share, isn't it?!

  2. This looks like such a great weekend!

    Having a welcoming home that is open to all is one of my greatest desires too. Such a blessing to have a space to entertain :)

  3. soo fun. :) i'm so thankful God let us find each other :) and i laughed so much over kc getting "one night stand." haha

  4. bah! looks great- what an exciting and meaningful life you lead, pretty girl.

  5. So precious! Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  6. your blog is so welcoming and I bet it just lifts everyone's spirits that visit it, I know it did mine! I love this post and you are so right about the four years olds and sports events! They are toooo funny!
    have a great rest of your day!

  7. you are AMMMAAAZING. gah.
    i LOVE your house and i spotted our Christmas card on your wall! (:


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