and then love poured in

Wednesday, May 9

I sometimes find myself so emotionally exhausted,
or drained of all things lovely,
to feel as if i have anymore love to give. 
especially to the "hard ones". 
or even sometimes to myself. 

but this past week, 
i have been SO beautifully taken
by the fact that God's abundance is clear. 
and that HIS love will be poured into my heart. 
that i have a never-ending tap of unconditional love
that can fill
and re-energize. 
and even love the hard ones. 

i just need to ask. 
the storehouse is full, waiting to tip,
to splash and crash
sweet love 
into the void of 
an empty bank. 

my well is HIM. 
the love that pours is HIS.
we must ask. 
and with sparkles in eyes,
He gives.
because that's His nature. 

let's ask, with heart abandon to the cause of love. 
and it will tip, and love will fill,
and Abba will be living IN us,
as it should be. 

love Katie 


  1. this is beautiful and such a great reminder. it is easy to feel that because we are emotionally exhausted we have nothing to give but that isn't true. thanks for the encouragement Katie!!

  2. Thanks for stopping my my blog. We got your wedding picture in your parents Christmas card, so beautiful. Hope to meet up with you in real-life sometime.
    Blessings, Susan

  3. This is beautiful :)
    I needed it

  4. awww I love flowers :)
    all those photos are amazing!!

  5. amen sister. thanks for stopping bye yesterday. I'm following you now :)


    and don't think i didn't catch that photo from Santa Barbara in there!

    also - your photos are INCREDIBLE.

  7. Your words were written beautifully and the quotes and scriptures you used, it's a much needed reminder.


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