last friday in the red, white and blue...oh wait!

Friday, May 18

{on our last trip to europe together...loving Belgium}

Hurrah! In a week's time we will be on new soil, British that is! 

Our hearts are brimming full, spilling excitement all over the place! So excited in fact, that as i'm typing this, i'm also eating popcorn, and it's flailing everywhere! Yes, yes it's true, next Friday we will be strolling the streets of London with dear friends, eating fish and chips, and hopefully picking up one of those darn classy British accents and saying words like brilliant, mate, and knickers. or Hogwarts.

we've prepped like nobody's business. all the essentials. Like watching the Iron Lady, reading up on British and Irish History, booking B&B's like it's going out of style, reading some Jane Austin, Downton Abbey action, and watching plenty of rick steve vidoes on hulu (gotta love that quirky man!).

for the record, our itinerary is as follows:
London for a few days
Ireland for a week
Scotland for a few days
Northern England for a week
back down through the country
and then back to the good ol' USA.

a few fun items to leave you with this weekend:

- never fear dear readers, i have some very exciting and brilliant people guest blog posting while i'm gone, including some extremely adorable single men! (ladies....)

- if you could't already tell, my blog received a sweet make-over from the fantastically talented, brilliant and adorable Danielle from her blog take heart. i'm so excited about how it turned out. what do you think?

- if you've never played spike ball then you are missing out. big.time. tomorrow we are playing at the beach, and i promise some sweet pictures and instructions on how to play this brilliant game.

- it seems as though i'm going to blend right into the UK with my overuse of the word brilliant. brilliant!

hope your weekend is just bril...err, lovely!

love Katie 


  1. i love the redesign :):)

  2. Oh my GOSHHH!!!!! That Is SO amazing that y'all are getting to go on such an awesome trip!!!!!! Y'all are going to have such a blast and I can't wait to see pictures!!! Love your blog too, looking beautiful!!!!

  3. You're coming just in time for the Jubilee! Are you planning on going to any festivities in London?

  4. i love the flailing popcorn! (and i can't wait to hear about your trip)

  5. I love the new look for your looks all summery!!!!

    I was in the UK and Ireland this time two years ago and I still get "I miss Ireland" moments.

    Enjoy the trip and may God bless you richly


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