travel log: big sur

Tuesday, May 1

kevin and i have lived and traveled all over the world
but i will tell you, the california coast holds so much magic
that i will forever be lured by it's waves

kev and i took a mini-road trip here
santa cruz (my summer home growing up)
big sur
bixby bridge
california redwoods
julia pfeiffer state park

"Be still and know that I am God" 
one of those places. 
titanic...we couldn't resist
 handsome, and his brother
the sweetest candy shop you shall ever see in carmel-by-the-sea

this week i've been thinking a lot about silence and solitude and hearing sweet Abba's voice. ann voskamp, on her sweet blog wrote this: 

A better future always simply begins 
in a series of prayerful nows. 

this week, may we press into these prayerful nows, 
 knowing that 
prayer causes things to happen
that wouldn't happen if we didn't pray
and that now is the time

much love,


  1. beautiful!!! my husband gets to go to california for work every month and my grandparents/aunts live there so I've been a handful of times. I love it! and I love your titanic pic too! :)

  2. You are so beautiful, Katie. You suffer from lupus? I have fibromyalgia. Oh my goodness, where do you live again? When can we meet up? I'd love to grab coffee sometime soon!

  3. I love the two of you! You are so encouraging-thank you for reminding me to bring everything to Him and ask expectantly knowing He is always on the move.

  4. what beautiful pics! i went to Big Sur as a kid and loved it!

  5. I've been many places as well, all amazing. But there is something about that California coast that just makes the trip so much more amazing.

    rg86 at nau dot edu


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