travel log: Scotland

Saturday, June 9

there is little wonder that JK Rowling found her inspiration for Harry Potter in Edinburgh
it stole my heart. 
Poor Kevin was sitting next to a girl that could only say, 
over and over,
"I LOVE this city!!!!!"
it was magic.
it was historical.
it was beautiful. 
and it was romantic. 
talking to a friend, I said,
"if it wasn't so cold here, i'd move to Edinburgh"
which might be the case for much of the world!
that's how much I adored it. 

we are now in England with the dearest of friends
being amazed at the moors and dales.
and cute Beatrix Potter look-a-like houses.
i keep waiting for Peter Rabbit to poke his little head out:)

thinking of your and much love from England
love Katie


  1. Hope you're having a wonderful time! i heard the weather wasn't so great right now but that just means cute rain boots, a hot cuppa tea & cozy time with friends ;)

    England will be my new home soon!

  2. Beautiful picture! I'm dying to visit Edinburgh!


  3. you're hommmeee! yay! want to have a skype date soon? (:

    can't wait to hear about the entire trip. I loved every photo you posted while you were galavanting through Europa!


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