travel log: ireland

Sunday, June 3

greetings from green Ireland
wow. there are few words to describe how breathtaking and mysterious this land is. 
kevin and I started in Dingle, and drove the peninsula
we headed towards Galway, 
and saw the cliffs of Moher (above)
and now we are in Dublin.
we leave tomorrow for Scotland. 

I cannot wait to share more with you about this incredible place.... 
but we are off to watch Riverdance at this very moment,
you have no idea
how. excited. I. am. 

Love you all:)
love Katie 


  1. I adore you since you are in Ireland I think it puts your mind in just the right place to come visit Portland when you get back!!! Oregon pretty much looks like that (minus the super sweet accents). Reminds me of Psalm 104.
    LOve, Anna

  2. oh my gosh! That looks and sounds amazing!!! Can't wait to hear more! y'all have fun!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gosh, that looks amazing!
    Have tons of fun!

  4. Jealous does not begin to describe it.

  5. ahhhhh. i love that you went to cliffs of moher and galway!!!! can NOT wait to hear all about it.

    love you. miss you so much!!!!

  6. beautiful! i am so glad you two went to the cliffs of moher! a lot of people dont make it out to them and i personally thought they were my favorite thing in Ireland. Hope you guys have a great time in Scotland. I LOVE Edinburgh. Hope you guys continue to have a blast!

  7. LOVE it!!! I am imagining you getting up on stage doing riverdance too. please tell me thats what happened! have so much fun lovey!! miss you!

  8. you look gorgeous in this picture!


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