when you're a hot mess

Thursday, June 28

a few years ago i walked into a forever 21
which also happens to be my favorite store
(which as a side note seems to be the story of my life because for the past 10 years people are forever asking me what high school I go to.  Maybe it's more like Forever 18) 
anyway, the store looked like a yard sale on steroids
or maybe like Ross on a good day
but I became mesmerized by an adorable scarf on a mannequin
and only on a mannequin. 
so i found a worker and asked if I could just buy those threads off the mannequin. 
she looked at me and said 
"honey, if I take that scarf off the mannequin, it will be a hot mess!"
hot mess. 

that was the first time i heard that phrase. 
and I giggled hysterically in my head. 

mostly because 
A) the mannequin was the least of her problems and
B) who says "hot mess"? 

but to be honest, i love that phrase. 
i never use it because i'm not that cool
but the image it conjures up is really vivid, right? 

so a few days ago
I was a hot mess. 

A) it really was hotter than the blazes and
B) I think it's safe to say that we all have those days where 
satan shoots arrows at the core of our fragile heart
and beats lies to the cadence of drums
reverberating the tender spaces of our deepest parts. 

and that's when truth must become the drink of choice
kevin immediatly knew his wifey was off, 
and picked her up into his loving arms, and held her. 
and then he began speaking all that was true over her. 
words filled with beauty, and life, and HOPE

this morning I woke up and read the whole book of Colossians before work.
because I needed truth. 

and so I am reminded
that when we melt into a hot mess
that the most beautiful remedy is the truth that we are loved
fully, absolutely absorbed in the Father's embrace
that nothing can separate us from HIS love.

and rooted in agape
our mess becomes less
and peace abounds

happy thursday friends:)
love Katie 


  1. Wow...I am completely stunned by the beauty of your words today. The light of God absolutely shines through you and I'm amazed at how it translates onto the page. You're a huge blessing and inspiration for me- thanks for sharing the light with a fellow hot mess ;)

  2. I definitely have those days too--Unfortunately, the devil is smart and knows what strategies he can take to attack us and try to steal our joy. I am so thankful that at all times we have the truth, we have the Word of God which is powerful enough to banish all lies of the devil. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to live without that truth.

  3. Amen sister! You never cease to inspire me with your words. Know this....everyone has those hot mess days, it is what you do with them that really matters. And you my friend used it as an opportunity to grow and find truth in God's word.

  4. beautiful!!!!! And such a great husband for doing that!!!! I got your email and I am emailing you back assaappppp, been quite the busy bee, but do know that I am lifting your precious self up to our Heavenly Father!! Proud of you for basking in the truth!!!

  5. I needed just this, today. Thanks, new blog friend! :)

  6. Katie - Your blog is such a blessing. You write things in a poetic, but fresh way, and it's beautiful! I've been having some hot mess days lately, but the TRUTH has been setting me straight and giving me hope. God is good! Thank you for sharing, as always!


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