Wednesday, September 26

about a year ago, my friends mom and i were chatting,
and she casually mentioned that every year the Hollywood Bowl hosts a
Sound of Music sing-a-long

A WHAT!!??!?!?!?!? {where has this been all my life?}
to which i of course started jumping up and down
telling her that we MUST go!

so less than a year later,
5 of us friends (including my extremely accomodating husband)
were off to the Hollywood hills for some musical madness!

and maddness it was.
i'm not kidding you guys, this thing is no joke.
it's serious business, you have no idea.

people dress up, and creative too.
there was even a costume contest, in which a little kid dressed like a bird in a cuckoo clock won!
we went early and picnicked right outside the bowl, and ate dinner while thousands of people walked by in the most amazing costumes! it was fun to pick our brain as to what each costume was {you'll get to see some below!}.
for instance, lots of little children were wearing brown if you can remember from the song "brown paper packages tied up with string".....that's what they were!

at 6pm the preshow started, and things got serious!
the actual actors and actresses that played the Von Trapp children in the movie came on stage and shared a few memories of filming the movie. 

they also give you "fun packs" on arrival. 
these fun packs have "props" in them that we hold up at choice points in the movie....
so for instance, any time they sing "Edelweiss" we hold up small white flowers
or when the family hosts a ball, we hold up an invitation!
they also gave us cue for when to react to certain scenes....
so like whenever the nazi's walked in, we all were cued to BOO loudly! {which was easy}
and whenever Gretel had a line, we all went "ahhhhhh"

AND, of course the BEST part was that the words were on the screne, so nobody had an excuse not to sing a long! hahahah
even sweet Kevin was busting it out with the best of them! 
imagine thousands of people, belting out songs, booing and cheering, and waving their cell phones!

one of the coolest parts of the night is that everyone received a party popper
and when Maria and Captain Von Trapp kissed for the first time
EVERYONE popped theirs and confetti went flying!
i got goosebumps just remembering it, haha!
{wow, i am such a nerd}

 another sweet memory of the night was when the family sings Edelweiss, close to the end of the movie
and the entire audience had out their cell phones waving them back and forth
and everyone was singing.
it really was quite beautiful.

if any of you want to come out next year for it {it's an annual event}
you are more than welcome!!!!

enjoy the pictures!!
 {inside the bowl}
{the props!}
 {come on, sing it with me....ME, a name I call myself...}
{everyone waving their phones during Edelweiss!}
and there you have it folks:) 
my latest SOM escapade! 

it's pretty cute though, 
cause the last few mornings Kev has woken me up singing "Do-a-deer"
and said goodnight to me by singing "so long, farewell"
haha...sorry babe for outing you in public. 

but that's when happens when you are married to a sound of music crazy,
you convert too. 

love you all! have a great week! 
love Katie 


  1. That is incredible!!!! They do things like that around here for Rocky Horror Picture Show (which I can't stand the movie), but to do it to The Sound of Music is amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. seriously? you are adorable! looks so fun!! xox

  3. Hahaha this is seriously SO cute/awesome.

  4. Oh I am so jealous you have no idea! How fun!! Glad you enjoyed it and got Kevin in on it :)
    Xo, Bethany

  5. I have never really had any interest in watching it however, after reading all this, I might just tell kelvin to go find it for me. Ha.

  6. Oh my word!!!! I would LOVE to attend something like this. I am a big fan of the SOM and saw a live performance on Broadway but an interactive viewing of the movie like this would just make my day!!!

    When I plan my next trip State side I have got to remember to include this in my "to do" list. Gosh until then I wonder how difficult it would be to do something like that here!! Something to ponder...

  7. I got to just tell you how much I adore this! When I was in college my choir traveled through Austria and we must have seen 85 different versions of the Sound of Music while we were there. I think I must have the whole thing memorized!

  8. It looks like a blast! So awesome that you got the chance to go!

  9. Haha how fun!!! Another experience to add to your Sound of Music collection ;)

  10. this is awesome, never heard of it before!

  11. i love that yellow dress on you- so cute!
    sounds like fun!
    <3 leans

  12. oh my gosh i have to go to this next year!! i can't believe i have never known the hollywood bowl does this as well, i love how people got dressed up


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