treasure from ireland

Sunday, September 30

standing upon a cliff hundreds of feet above the sea,
gaelic wafting in the air, 
heart pounding,
wind racing,
i caught  a glimpse of freedom. 

do you know what freedom is? 
it is absolute peace, from the inside out. 

divine rest in WHO's we are.
WHERE we belong. 
and the celebration of thanksgiving that follows. 

radiance that pours from that rest. 

Abba, may your heart be the only place i find rest for my weary starved soul. 
strip my heart from impostors,
and bring me back to you. 

the cradle of love. 

happy monday sweet friends, and may we remember to center our hearts on the only ONE that can bring us true rest. let us trade those burdens for freedom. 

love Katie 


  1. I needed to hear this, this morning!!!

    Thanks Katie for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  2. I so needed this :) Thank you sweet friend!

  3. Ireland is probably .25% of how Heaven is. . .and I think Ireland is the prettiest place in the world, so that just proves that Heaven will be the most amazing place ever.

  4. OH my goodness. Such beauty! (the pics and the post)!

    Happy Monday and HAPPY OCTOBER!

  5. What a view!!!
    gorgeous pictures too.

  6. beautiful words. and such a good reminder. makes me want to take that last picture and words and blow it up for my wall :)


  7. You are absolutely right...freedom is peace...what a great feeling that is!

  8. This is so perfect for me right now. I've been asking the Lord for HIS perfect peace lately, that I can find in Him and Him alone! Thanks for the encouragement sweet girl!!!!!!

  9. Man, I so needed to read this tonight. You have such a way with words and your blog is always a blessing to me! :)

  10. amen, sista. love these words.

  11. Wow your posts are so amazing and this one really inspires me!

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  12. I love what you did with the verse and the pictures. So beautiful!

  13. that is one of my favorite verses!! thanks for the reminder!


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