travel log: tracy arm, alaska

Friday, September 14

i love to travel. 
plain and simple. 
but one thing i've never been good at is waking up early.
this proved to be problematic for viewing Tracy Arm. 

tracy arm is a famous glacier,
but to see it I found out I had to be up on the boat deck between the
ghastly hours of 5-8am. 
big dilemma seeing as my body doesn't function before 7am.

and to be honest, the thought of waking up before 5am
and standing out on a FREEZING cold deck with glaciers and wind
wasn't exactly appealing to me,
someone who almost catches frost bite shopping at the grocery store.  

but this is where having a husband comes in rather convenient. 
i convinced Kevin, who wakes up before 5am on a daily basis,
to go out there early, and if it was cool,
to come and wake me up. 

so that's what happened. 
and i'm so glad he did. 
it was so much fun being out on deck with my whole family
and a thousand other people, 
all wrapped in cruise blankets,
viewing scenery so majestic and lovely. 
we even saw whales that morning too. 

and as a disclaimer,
i did just roll out of bed. 
hence the hat. 
and lack of pictures of yours truly.

have a sweet weekend dear friends! may you connect with Abba in fresh ways today! 
love katie 


  1. Wowza, that is some gorgeous scenery! Alaska looks amazingly beautiful from all you've posted so far! And you still look cute, don't worry :)

  2. WOW! that looks beautiful! what a cool thing to get to see!

  3. SOOOO beautiful!!!!! And I'm cracking up, I read Josh the part about frost bite at the grocery store and he said, "That's SOOO you!!!" haha, we are very much alike in the frost bite area! :) AND I must say you look pretty darn gorgeous for 5 AM!!!

  4. oh man!!!
    the view is breath-taking. i swear, i'll visit alaska when i come to US.

  5. Oh wow! Fabulous pictures! Everything just looks amazing :)

  6. It looks so gorgeous (despite the cold)!

  7. Haha what fun!!! You got some beautiful pictures!!! Looks like it was definitely worth getting up for :)

  8. You have convinced me that I must go to Alaska someday! Gorgeous pictures! And what a sweet husband you have.


    i can't wait to go to alaska. someday!

    btw you look great!

  10. SO amazingly beautiful. Our creator is an incredible artist - best yet in fact ;)

  11. ahh! i love these pictures! such fun memories!


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