the hills are alive with the SOUND OF MUSIC part 1

Monday, September 24

when it comes to the Sound of Music
i'm about as crazy as they come.
i. love. this. movie.

{come on, admit it, deep down inside, you too wanted to be Liesl, running around singing "i am 16 going on 17" in a gazebo with a cute boy in the pouring rain!} 

i used to watch it with my grandma when I was small,
back when it was a 2 part VHS.

as I grew, my dad and I watched it almost every year together.
my mom introduced me to a bunch of books at the library about the real Von Trapp family
and I even read a book written by the actress who played Leisl
{nerd alert, i know}

there is something about the story that grabs my heart.
maybe it's the ridiculously beautiful scenery,
the time period {i've always been really interested in WWII history},
or the AMAZING songs {ahhhh Edleveiss, I love you}

but i think more than any of that,
it's a story of God's beautiful leading when people trust him,
courage to do what's right,
and the ability to weave JOY in all that we do.

and maybe the Alps have something to do with it too. 

regardless, below are all my confessions of being a total sound-of-music crazy person. 
please don't judge people.

Salzburg, Austria 
my sophmore year of college, I lived in Italy studying abroad. It was one of the best things i've ever done. that summer, when my program ended, my best friend from high school Noelle and two of our guy friends flew over and we traveled through 6 countries together. in austria, my deepest desire  was to go on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg.
 the boys said no way.  
noelle and i went without them, and it was without a doubt my favorite part of our ENTIRE trip. 
haha. i know. 
you're laughing. 

imagine, noelle and i with a bunch of middle aged women 
busting out "do-a-deer" on the tour bus with no shame. 
in salzburg, i made noelle dance around with me, as we frollicked through the tree lined lane, and ran up and down the steps pretending to be one of the Von Trapp kids. 
{noelle was SUCH a sport!}
{and i was probably SUCH a sight to see relishing every second of the tour!}

Von Trapp Lodge, Stowe, Vermont
my second year out of college, i traveled around the country with Invisible Children, sharing the story of the conflict in Uganda. 
when I heard my team would be going to Vermont, 
i could think of nothing else but sharing this story at the Trapp Family Lodge. 
you see, the real Von Trapp family, when coming to America
began to tour around the country, singing to make a living. 
ultimately settling in Stowe, Vermont.
they now run a gorgeous lodge. 
and we got the INCREDIBLE privilege of doing a presentation there,
cross country skiing on their property (through Maria's glen),
and even meeting a REAL Von Trapp! 
i was a little bit in heaven:) 

and soooo....this weekend the saga continued. 
it was quite epic...however you'll just have to wait until my next post to read the story and see the pictures:) 
ahhhh, i can't wait to show you! 

happy Monday dearest friends! 
love Katie 


  1. This is great Katie! Isn't it amazing how movies from childhood can stick with us? I can't wait to hear the rest of your story!!!!

  2. how cool that you got to go to those places! I didn't know that about the place in vermont! My sister lives there! I too loved that movie when I was little!

  3. That is a FANTASTIC movie! That tour in Austria sounds amazing! Totally envious :)

  4. I have to get off my chest that I've never actually seen the movie in its entirety. Shameful. I know. I love the pics and how you went to all those places! Especially Vermont, I love Vernont and had no clue that was there!(obviously,I'm the worst.)

  5. Oh, we are kindred spirits!!! :) Did I tell you my sister and I went to a screening of The Sound of Music in Hollywood (during our Biola days), and Julie Andrews introduced the movie! And Liesl was in the audience!!! I just DIED. Love this whole recap, and can't wait to read more! :) xoxoxo

  6. "When you're 16 going on 17, that cute boy you're flirting with just might be a Nazi sympathizer." No lie, it's a legit bumper sticker that I saw... But I agree, every girl who's seen that movie at some point has dreamed of being Liesl.

  7. Ughhhhhh I'm so jealous I could spit. That is SO COOL. Girl, you have NO idea how obsessed I am with that movie! I used to sing 16 going on 17 and pretend to be Liesl. I grew up watching that movie! I learned all the songs on piano. I just LOVE IT. I had no idea they settled in Vermont! I will have to make a trip ;)

  8. Would it be bad if I said I've never seen the Sound of Music? Yeah okay, I know it's bad, but now I've the got motivation to finally watch it!

  9. I did want to be Leisl. So much so that when I turned 16 and had my first real boyfriend (my husband), I felt so happy (thankfully our relationship was happier than hers completely). I always adored that film and watched it often as a child with my mom. I haven't seen it in a few years and really should, because Julie Andrews is my favorite musical voice of all time (I read her book a few years ago too called Home, but was disappointed a little. . .I thought she was a more interesting person hahaha). That is so great about your visits and that you got to experience being in those places! I don't know much about the REAL history of Maria and the Von Trapps, but I do remember my mom trying to explain it to me. I am not laughing that you went on a Sound of Music tour at all. I'd do it too! Now let's go off yodeling!

  10. LOVE! I have always wanted to go to Salzburg and do the sound of music tour. It sounds fabulous :)

  11. CANNOT WAIT for the next post! mainly because I too, am a huge sound of music fan and this post is everything happy! Funny, I've been thinking about sound of music all weekend. Now I just have to watch it again...I still watch it as a 2-part VHS, haha.

  12. okay, this is awesome. i love history! (especially the world war 2 era!) i can't wait for the next post!

  13. Haha this post made me smile! Can't wait to see your next Sound of Music adventures :)

  14. The Sound of Music is my absolute favorite movie! I made my sisters, friends, and even babysitters reenact it with me as I grew up. Musical lovers unite!
    Xo, Bethany


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