durbar square and my in-laws are here!

Monday, April 22

sometimes there are just not words to describe the attack on the senses, 
otherwise known as Nepal.

The colors that just wash walls and a whole city in vibrancy,
The people that smile and spit and pierce the heart with their eyes
The gorgeous clothes that swoosh and jingle and sparkle in the sun
The food that that is bright and colorful and fresh.

But mostly the caucaophy of voices and horns and animals and rain
that whirls tight around my frame, 
never ending, 
beckoning me to step into another world where I have much to learn.

So I soak.
as you do.

And sometimes the sponge of my heart just begins to overflow in thanksgiving,
That this place,
is now my home.

A few weeks ago, 
our new friends Jenna and Jon took us on an adventure through the city on motorcycles.
Not gonna lie, I think I wrote my last will and testmanet before I got on that thing.
But I made it, safely in one piece.
Jenna was such a freaking champion driving our bike.
Not only were we one point smack in the middle of a festival of marching people that were either hindu guru’s or homeless hippies from san francisco,
But we also stalled on a huge hill.
While I was hyperventilating, 
Jenna just rebooted the engine like she was baking a cake with her eyes closed. 
I think I commented about 500 times that she was brave. 
Driving in this city scare me. 
There, I said it.

They took us to Durbar Square, 
where honestly, I could have just sat and people watched ALL day.
The area is comprised of a collection of hindu temples but also doubles as a market where the most stunning produce is sold.

At the expense of being a creepy stalker, 
I tend to just stare into the worn beautiful faces of the people selling vegetables. 
They all have stories, and I want to know theirs. 
Does that old women with the basket below not just scream “I have a story to tell”. I think so.

And in the midst of all the beauty of the architecture and deep, rich hues,
I became so ever aware of our Savior who died for these beautiful people, 
many of which do not know Him.

And my heart broke.
So I just prayed “keep breaking it Lord” because I want a desperate faith that clings to him and intercedes for the world.

And it’s happening.
Would you pray with me?

I hope your sense are attacked in the best possible way while seeing these pictures:) 

 And….lastly, my in-laws are here!!!!
Mama and Papa Cook arrived today and it was seriously Christmas. 
Kevin and I were bouncing up and down when we saw them come through customs at the airport.

They were tired, but so happy to have arrived.
And  they surprised me a mattress pad! Seriously, can you believe it? I almost cried!
I pretty much adore my in-laws, they are some of my best friends, so to have them here is beyond special!!

Happy Monday dearest ones!!!
Love Katie 


  1. I love this! I'm dying to make it to Nepal one day you lucky lady! Enjoy your time with the in laws!

  2. you write so beautifully. you've made me love nepal just through your posts. love you!

  3. You have definitely had some transportation scares already. Ah! I don't think I'd be brave enough to drive in another country either. But these pictures are gorgeous I can see why you are so in love already. Joining you in prayer for these people Katie! Enjoy your in-laws. Yay for a mattress pad!!!

  4. God is and will you you two in mighty ways while there =)

  5. I would not be brave enough to drive a motorcycle there, either! That's hardcore. I'm loving the pictures, Katie. Just stop bringing tears to my eyes, okay..... :)

  6. Girlfriend, I sooo hear you. I asked the Lord to break my heart for the Cree people once again this morning, and to fill me to overflowing with love for them. He honors those prayers, sometimes I just lose focus, then have to ask for it again, and He always supplies me with even more love. He's got the never ending supply. He is so good. I'm so glad that your in-laws are there and brought you a mattress pad. it's the little things. Praying for you, that you would come to a point of anguish over the lost and hurting people of Nepal, and that you would be filled with love for them that tells of Jesus Christ! Love you girl!

  7. What a beautiful place to call home! I pray that God continues to show you where you are needed and that you learn some of these people's stories...and then share them with us! God works in mysterious ways, and I can't wait to hear more about your time with the people there. :)

  8. BEAUTIFUL! That's a really great post. I lovely to hear your soft heart for the people.
    Nawww :)

    Esther x

  9. Beautiful words and pictures my sweet friend. Love you SO much!

  10. Wow--beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us, and making us all wish we were there too! ;) I finally got to send you an email!! Prayers always! Love you, sweet friend!

  11. Beautiful! Your words and the pictures! I always anticipate your updates!

    I would have absolutely died on that motorcycle! I rode one once when we were in the Jungle and as soon as we took off I knew it was a mistake! I was praying the whole way...eek!

    How sweet of your inlaws to bring a mattress pad! I know that helps so much! Im so glad they made it safe and you have some family around :)

    Gorgeous pics! Just curious, What kind of camera do you use?

    Have a fabulous week, friend!

  12. wow. just wow. the colors are so vibrant, and the faces so beautiful :) but geez with the transportation! you poor thing, i would be a wreck after two scares like that haha! you're brave, girl :) i'm so glad your in-laws are visiting (and for the mattress pad. what a Godsend really). praying that God will continue to use and move you and Kevin!

    grace & love,

  13. Katie, I have been catching up on your blog...so sorry I haven't loooked at it lately!
    but...wow! I'll say it again. WOW. I just love your heart for God and all the things you are doing. It has always been in my heart to travel and I have many friends around the world that I still have yet to meet, but only know them through online. I know someday I will.
    I think what you and your husband are doing is awesome and I'm glad to know you're making a difference in this world.
    much love my dear, and yay for getting that mattress pad from your inlaws!!

  14. Umm, wow. I just found your blog and I am in love (not at all creepy....) I pray that I could be as brave as you've been about following God all around the world.

  15. Beautiful shots. You guys are going to touch so many hearts in Nepal. I am already loving following your story, but I look forward to seeing how He uses you there.

  16. Hello, sweet Katie! I am always humbled when someone finds my tiny little spot on the web and reaches out to say hello. I am SO enjoying seeing your beautiful journey here on your blog. Even the name "Hope Engaged" draws me. May you be blessed in the adventure you're on with Papa. You have his heart.


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