Pokhara, Nepal

Monday, April 15

what an adventure Kevin and I had this last weekend in Pokhara, 
a lake-side village about 8 hours driving from Kathmandu. 

we spent the weekend boating on the lake, 
hiking up to the peace stupa (buddhist temple), 
and white water rafting down a huge river nestles between some very huge and incredible mountains. 

we laughed and ate
and mostly looked around at the intense beauty
and felt the majesty and awe of a creator who sculpted it all. 

and we almost died. 
true story. 
but i'll leave that for another post. 

I hope you can sense the beauty from these pictures! 
happy monday friends,
love Katie


  1. stunning, STUNNING pictures! I'm sure it only captures a tenth of how beautiful it really was.
    I'm glad y'all are alive!!! :) Can't wait to hear the story though!

  2. This really IS beautiful. m adding an extra 50% beauty because i imagine being there was more amazing than these pictures can describe!
    also, where did kevin get his tshirt??

  3. So amazing!! What an adventure you are on!

  4. absolutely beautiful! i LOVE that picture of the older woman, frame that!! :) You look gorgeous, and so happy!!!

  5. It does look beautiful! What an adventure you two are having!

  6. Gorgeous! You are definitely having the adventure of a lifetime! :-) I'm excited to hear about how you almost died! (and VERY glad you didn't!) :-)

  7. Nepal looks so beautiful...as do you! Stay safe, though, no more near death experiences, ya hear? We need you to stick around for a long while!:)

  8. Such beautiful pictures! I always look forward to your updates and amazing pics! I really need to start posting more about Peru! There is so much beauty here :)

  9. I gotta hear this near-death story now... Can't really just skim over that line (lol)

  10. WOW! these are beautiful photos, Katie! looks like you guys are having quite the adventure :) I especially love the picture of the old woman, it's so real and wonderful. and yes, let's hear the near-death story, haha! happy Tuesday!

    grace & love,

  11. AMAZING photos katie. can't wait to take some like this together ;)

  12. seriously amazing photos! Makes me wish I had taken in a bit more of the sights while I was in Pokhara. I do remember eating at this restaurant ALL THE TIME with the best hummus platter ever. Looks like you had an amazing time! Can't wait to follow along on all your other adventures!

  13. oh wow!! these are amazing! so beautiful. i love that last one with the mountains in the background. so majestic proclaiming His name!! and glad you guys are okay!

  14. Wow - the COLORS! So incredible! Looking forward to hearing about your near-death story!

  15. these pictures are stunning and i am so grateful for your experience! cant wait to hear more about it when we SKYPE next :) xox

  16. I think the colors are what strike me most in these photos! The boats are all different in color, the foliage is incredibly green, the women's clothing is beautifully intricate and brilliantly colorful! What an inspiring place! xx


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