pashupati temple, kathmandu

Thursday, April 25

The very first full day Kevin’s parents were here, 
We headed to the biggest hindu temple in Kathmandu, Pashupati 

It was an experience. 

To begin on a lighter note, watching my mother in law walk down the very 
trinket infested road towards the temple was 
like omg.
we were all doubled over in belly laughter 
watching her interest as each sales person approached her. 
Knowing no nepali, she relied on sign language… 
“just looking” she said while taking her index and middle finger from 
her eyes to the object and then back again. 
Oh man, I’m giggling just thinking about it. 
one little man who was selling a nepali violin followed us the entire time,
once we thought we lost him, he popped out of no where and scared us all!
let's just say barbara ended up with a violin. 

walking into pashupati was very surreal, like I was entering another world. 
it is a pilgrimage site for hindu’s all over the world, as it is the dwelling place of shiva. 
we passed large tour groups of those from India, making their pilgrimage here. 

The very first thing you approach is the “holy river”, where platform after platform burns the bodies of the dead, their ashes them thrown into the holy river. To be cremated at this temple is supposed to assure the person will go straight to heaven. 

we watched intently as hindu guru’s led men and women through mourning rituals, 
intended to honor the dead and ward off evil spirits. 

we saw hundreds of people bring offerings to the shiva temple, 
touching the altar on which stood a massive falice. 
yes, a penis. 
(woops, did I just say that on my blog?) 
yes. I did. 

and can I tell you something? 
It was all very dark. Very dark. 
An oppression ran deep into my heart, a weight that pushed down hard. 

I didn’t even realize it till we began to pray. 
We stood off to the side up on a hill, 
Looking down at the temple, 
Prayers just began to pour our of our heart for these precious people. 

It was probably the most alive and blood-pumping-real I’ve ever felt while praying. 
Where I could sense the evil, 
and the complete sadness of watching people sacrifice and bow down to idols.
fear being a huge impetus for worship. 

Beautiful men and women with hearts that were searching for truth, 
Only to be looking in the wrong place. 

We prayed. 
And as we prayed, my mother in law began to cry, 
And then I did. 
It was both tears of sadness for people without hope, 

But even more they were tears of complete and utter JOY that we have a hope in Christ who came to SET US FREE. 

Freedom was the order of the day. 

You guys, it was so powerful.
So powerful. 

As we walked out, we all sensed a lightness and a freedom 
That came from a tender yet powerful God that says 
There is NOTHING you must do to earn my love, 

No pilgrimages, no sacrifices, no rituals. 

I love you, 
And I give you life.
life that is abundant and filled with un-ending grace. 

ahhh it was like a breathe of fresh air to speak Christ in a place of darkness. 

Also, there are SO many wonderful updates about the girls home we are working in. 
we received two new girls last friday, and they are seriously the most precious children. 
my heart wells up with love just thinking about them.
 i will share more next week. 
we are off for the next few days though to go out to the villages. 

much love and happy weekend! 
love Katie 


  1. love this blog. i can so relate, having been to so many temples to other gods all over the world. there is such a tangible heaviness, but how cool to know that we can bring light and change just by walking into a place.

    also why is barbara so tall in that one picture of the four of you? also also obsessed with the picture of all the colors. ughhhh so beautiful.

  2. What an incredible experience! That sounds very intense, but how lucky are we to know of God's love and the freedom that comes through Christ?

  3. What a blessing this incredible journey must be for you and Kevin. You are being exposed to so many faith affirming experiences and I will continue to lift you and the work you are doing up in prayer. God bless!

  4. Thanks for sharing this sweet friend! These pictures are adorable :)

  5. Gosh, your life is my dream! I love that you share this with us, it's beautiful!

  6. The COLORS! They thrill my heart! GORGEOUS!

    I laughed out loud about the guy following you with a violin then popping back out! LOL! Hilarious! oh geez, your mother in law sounds like MINE! It's going to be great seeing her at the markets in December! I can't wait :)

    Praying and praying and praying some more.

  7. P.S. I can't remember if I asked you what kind of camera you have?!

  8. I laughed at the story at the beginning of this post :) haha...what a beautiful story and so filled with truth of the evil that does exist and the freedom that exists through Jesus Christ alone.

    Praying for y'all everyday!!
    Rebecca :)

  9. wow, what an intensely dark, yet joyful experience! I had to read the sentence twice when you said there were alters where they were burning peoples' ashes - incredible - love that your first instinct was to begin praying - I hope and pray that I begin to respond in that way first to instances of fear, darkness and oppression. Love you Katie. Keep writing, you are more inspiring than you know! xx

  10. Katie, wow. Isn't it sad to see all of those people seeking answers in all the wrong places? But praise be to God - he overcomes the darkness! Continue to be a light for him, my friend, he's using you mightily!

  11. I can totally picture aunt barbara walking through the streets. so funny. as i read every post, i am reminded of kolkata.

  12. These photos are fantastic Katie, thank you so much for sharing your time in Nepal with us. You look like you are thriving there.

  13. "let's just say barbara ended up with a violin."

    I laughed out loud at this. haha! :)

    On a more serious note, isn't it odd the distinct weight that spiritual darkness and oppression carries? I was in Romania in June and I felt that a couple of times... for me, it felt like a physical heaviness in my chest as I breathed. SO thankful for the freedom we have in Christ and that we can live in the light!!

  14. I can't imagine the amount of heavy darkness witnessing some of those things felt, but I do know that knowing you the amount of hope for these people God will weigh on you =) Keep up all the awesome work!

  15. You have such a beautiful heart Katie. Keep shining for Jesus!

  16. I just stumbled across your blog--I love it and I am so excited to follow! I love your love for the Lord! I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at


  17. Violin Vendor is scrappy!

    Thank you for sharing your experience of how joy and heartbreak can both exist in a Christian's soul. I am so grateful that Jesus gives us joy in Him, not happiness based on circumstances, so we can weep and care deeply, while also experiencing profound peace. SO sad and also SO grateful for the cross as I read your experience and see the pictures of those beautiful people.

    Question: what's that colorful paste in that wooden grid thing?

  18. Wow!! How powerful! Isn't it crazy when you can sense that spiritual oppression? It's like your eyes open up to the spiritual realm around us. It's scary and freaky but so cool because God conquered ALL of that. Praying for you!

  19. This post gave me chills Katie. So many people all over the world seeking peace and truth in all the wrong places. God has big plans for you there I just know it!

  20. Wow.

    I am LOVING reading this updates and hearing what you guys are doing - really - what God is doing through you! I know exactly what you mean about feeling the evil as you watch people bow down to idols. It's the same here whenever we see locals praying to their ancestors or to shrines in temples. But praise God that He's made you prayer warriors and for all the ways you're standing up for Christ in such a dark place!

    And your photos get more amazing with every post - loving all the color and vibrancy - and I laughed outloud at Kev's Mama!! HA!

  21. The darkness must be overflowing where idols are everywhere. May you have peace and protection from the warfare.


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