oh hey baby, we aren't in Kansas (California) anymore

Wednesday, April 10

 so yeah, as you all know we live in asia now.
and with that comes a few wee differences...
oh wait, by wee I mean HUGE.
minor details, right?

Today for instance, I was standing in the cereal isle of a pretty large department store in Kathmandu.
Probably one of the nicest and biggest in the city,
it was like 3 stories high and judging from the fact that the cereal isle had like 100 different types of cornflake options, I felt like it must be pretty legit.
I was just about to read the ingredients on an oatmeal box when....
in a grocery store. with like 200 people. and frozen meat that was no longer being frozen.

my first instinct was to yell Kevin's name. which I did.
i'm not going to lie, I was kinda freaked out in a cereal isle of a grocery store in the dark.
give me a break, when's the last time that's happened to you?
ok. now you see my point.

In the 2 minutes it took the lights to come back on,
I had pulled out my measly cell phone so I could see a dang thing,
frantically ran kevin over in my attempt to find him,
and then giggled hysterically at the ridiculousness of the situation.
The moral of the story is...
1) i'm evidently still afraid of the dark and
2) i'm obviously living in another country. 

speaking of other awkward moments so far, nepal has relegated Kevin to a small little nook on our bed.  how is that you ask?
well, to begin, I think the idea of "comfort" is pretty lacking here. 
Why call it a mattress if it feels like you slapped a thin pillow case over a board and called it good? 
The first few mornings I woke up I seriously felt like I had just carted 50 pound of bricks on my back up a hill...I was sore, to say the least. 
 Sweet Kevin found an extra "mattress" in a little storage room in our apartment, and put it on top of our existing "mattress". The only problem is that the new mattress only covers 3/4 of the bed, so Kevin falls into the little 1/4 crack every night to sleep. I secretly snapped this picture of him asleep in his cubby, haha. 
Poor guy, however he promises he doesn't mind. 
Husband points!! 

in other electricity news...
we are getting used to being pioneers and using candles to see what the heck we are doing.  
The first night we slept in our own apartment, the lights went off as we sat down to dinner. 
I thought..."ahhhh, this is so fun! we get to eat by candlelight....how romantic!". 
The second night it happened, it still seemed a tad romantic other than the fact that I could hardly see Kevin or what I was eating. 
The third night, it was just plain tedious. 
It's hard to cook, eat, and get ready for dinner by the light of 2 measly little candles (which is all we had! haha). We've since bought a few more candles, and some friends gave us some lanterns. But, it's still adventurous, so i'm not complaining:)

lastly, we had our first language training today. 
I cried. 
yup, and it was really embarrassing. 
my mind goes blank when i'm asked a question in another language. 
I at least learned that much today. 
sweet Kevin, who is brilliant at languages and is practically fluent after one day, was so precious in encouraging me. 
I think our tutor thinks i'm nut-so. 
so if you think to pray for me in language learning, well, i'd LOVE that:) 
{me right after I was crying...but don't worry, Kevin then caught me with a smile...}

for all the giggles this new place brings, it has also ushered in a most beautiful community. 
we've only been here a week, and yet we feel a part of people's lives already. 
this is divine, and we praise jesus for kingdom people. 
yesterday we got together with a group and prayed for women being trafficked all around Nepal. 
it was powerful. 
and I felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself. 

oh yes...
to be fully alive is to be fully aware that there is something 
so much deeper and higher and lovelier to spend our lives on than just ourself.  

have a great Wednesday lovelies! 
love Katie


  1. Love hearing about how things are going there for you guys! The electricity stories made me laugh out loud :)I will be praying for you guys!

  2. Love hearing your updates! Sounds like a lot of humor going :) Praying for you in all things! Keep letting your light shine....even in black outs :)

  3. wow! What an amazing adventure. I hope you two are able to adjust quickly, enjoy the area, and find a grocery store with running electricity :)

  4. blackout in a grocery store? yes i'd freak out! love how you're embracing the changes though. all for His story!

  5. EEK! I am SO afraid of the dark! I'm still really cautious when I'm out by myself in Peru because people get robbed all the time. I would have found a place to hide thinking someone was about to rob me! *shudder* but Im SO glad there was laughing going on :)

    That grocery store sounds super legit! There is one here that is definitely more expensive than the others, and that's where we can find lots of imported foods...we MIGHT go there and splurge now and then :)

    I LOVE eating by candlelight! I dont know about all the time though?

    Oh my goodness you're adorable even after you've been crying! I STILL avoid some conversations when I'm not feeling super confident. I'm not going to lie...I've definitely acted like I was on my phone a few times to keep from being talked to. I don't know what happens. I love people but sometimes my nerves go nuts when I can't think of the right thing to say. I've been trying to get better though :)

    Lovely update! Looking forward to the next!

  6. Okay, honey, you're making me soooo homesick! And you're not even in my country. I just have to remind myself that I only have to wait a few more months and I'll be home again. And Nepali is a crazy hard language. There are a ton of migrant workers from Nepal where I used to live and our church had a large ministry working with them, but I never learned any Nepali so it was just a lot of smiling and waving when I would see them at church or around town!

  7. How neat of an update :) when I was on the DR on a mission trip the electricity went out all the time.. Definitely had to get used to that. It definitely made and makes for some crazy adventures!! It sounds like your time thus far has been amazing. I'm praying for you& for the language barrier. Keep your chin-up! You are doing an amazing call given by God. Proud to call you friend! XO

  8. Your attitude is so wonderful Katie...even going through these crazy new "experiences" you still find the "fun" and positive. That is a gift. And I will be praying for you and the language thing...that would be frustrating when you want to learn it so badly and struggle.

  9. ahhh i just love reading about whats going on in Nepal! i cant imagine the culture shocks yall are facing... you seem to face them with so much grace!

  10. Wow, what amazing stories, Katie! Being in a different country is definitely something... different. :-) Praying for the language learning!

  11. I just read your guest post over on All Glorious Within, and definitely had to come over and see who this Katie person is! It's so amazing that you are doing this!

    I really appreciate what you wrote about praying specifically and boldly. That is something my heart needed to hear, as I am struggling with some things of my own. It's also really REALLY interesting that you wrote about loneliness -- I JUST finished a post about that about an hour ago. (here)

    Thanks for sharing, Katie! I will pray for your language lessons, and thanks for letting me follow along!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  12. Praying for you and your language learning- thankfully it is much easier to learn when you are in the country (albeit stressful). Thanking God also for your patient husband.

    Also, I wish I looked that good post cry ;P
    ha ha


  13. Ah! I relate on so many levels! Promise you as crazy as things get, it becomes home and He who has called you there is so faithful. Also, as many brick walls as you feel like you're hitting with language, one day you'll have a conversation and not even realize the magnitude of what is happening. Then, after you'll realize all the tears were worth it. Keep going strong..it will come! Lifting y'all up!

  14. Love it!!! I can so relate to so many things you guys are going through! Praying now for you guys!

  15. Will be praying for the language thing to happen sooner and smoother! Also, if you have any other specific prayer requests, hit me up with them! =)

  16. Hahaha I loved this sooooo much! Also, I'm about to write you back!!! Love you. Keep writing. You're the funniest and loveliest.

  17. Wow!! That really is another world. You are doing SO great. Don't even worry about the language. You will get it!!

  18. Love hearing about your adventures so far and so happy you are willing to share!

  19. Wow, I can't wait to keep reading about your adventures. This is so amazing. Language can be so frustrating- but when it starts to click you will find a renewed sense of purpose. You got this! Amazed by you both :)

  20. love reading about your adventures in nepal!

  21. Language learning is SO humbling!! I just came across your blog from Facebook and LOVE your story-telling! I knew from Davis that you love Jesus and are super funny and honest, but I didn't know you were also a bomb photographer and talented writer!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

    If it makes you feel any better... I've cried in language class, too. We're in East Asia for the next handful of years, and I cried just last week! On STINT, my Hebrew teacher reacted to my crying by feeding me vodka and chocolate, which she had with her, ready to dispense! Haha! So I think (hope?) it's a normal thing.

    -Sam Mockford (formerly Li)

  22. Have faith with the language thing Katie! I too cried and struggled SO much when I first began learning French (I know probably an easier language to learn) but still when you're stuck in France for a year and have to use it daily in everything you do it can be incredibly frustrating - BUT don't worry you'll get to that point where you'll start recognizing words, you brain will be begin to memorize small phrases, then you'll start to form short sentences and people will understand you and won't look at you like you're crazy anymore and finally you'll be proficient enough to have small conversations that will seriously make you feel like you. are. wonder. woman. ;) Oh and prayer helps too as you said! I'll keep you in mine - have faith Katie - I promise you are more than capable and that God never gives you more than you can handle. :) xx

  23. Just found your blog! Love it!



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