swayambhu temple, kathmandu nepal

Wednesday, May 1

oh, hello internet. 
i forgot what you felt like after 4 days with no technology. 

as many of you know, Kevin's parents came to visit us for 10 days. 
we just put them on an airplane today back to the US of A. 
It was bittersweet watching them leave, we loved having them here with us. 

the last four days of our trip we spent in the villages of rural nepal.
and I mean RURAL people. 
i'm saving THAT post for another day, because i'm still processing our time there. 
it was like nothing i've ever experienced before. 
like ever. 
I have nothing to compare it to, true story. 

I thought today i'd share with you some pictures from the Swayambhu temple,
also known as the monkey temple. 
also known as the place katie chased monkeys. 
guys, i was obsessed. 
monkeys are the cutest slash weirdest animals ever. 
and to be within an inch of one is quite frankly exhilarating and creepy. 
they are like babies with tails and the face of an old man. 

enough about the monkeys (you'll see plenty below)
the temple was a mix of emotions for me. 
It's an absolutely beautiful and architecturally stunning site. 
You ascend a high and steep staircase, and when you get to the top,
you are shocked to see a whole little Buddhist monastery at the top. 
Nepal is an interesting country because despite the majority of Hindu influence, 
there are a lot of Buhhdists as well. 
And Swayambhu is a Buhddist temple. 

But again, the crushing weight of emptiness filled those beautiful buildings. 
and again we prayed that the spirit of Freedom, which is the spirit of the Lord,
would fill and invade that place. 
that light would shine in the dark. 

That is still our prayer for this country. 

enjoy the pictures:) 
and no, I have no pet monkey to show for my efforts! 

happy Wednesday,
love Katie 
{this baby monkey was falling off the rope as I snapped pictures of him!}


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a colorful place! And so in need of Christ. It's been really awesome getting to see things Nepal through your lens's eye.

  2. Such lovely photos! Love your heart!


  3. AMAZING! I love when you share photos with us all!

  4. Wow! I'm soooo excited to hear more about your time there. I totally understand having to take a step back and grasp everything you just took in!! I've had to do that many times before! I'm so excited to see the Lord using y'all!! You're awesome!!

  5. Ahh! I'd be right there with you, chasing monkeys! I've loved the little things since I was a kid. :) I'm so intrigued by Nepal. So beautiful, so broken... Jesus, let your love take hold!

  6. The pictures are stunning...you're making me want to pack a bag and visit Nepal! And I am with you on the monkeys. I would have probably tried to sneak one in my backpack and take one home.

  7. Ahhh that baby monkey! Too cute!! Love these pictures girl. Can't wait to hear about the rural parts as well.

  8. such beautiful pictures! monkeys kind of scare me too in that way ;) have a great weekend!

    grace & love,

  9. These pictures are so rich and reminding me of my travels! God has such a plan for you two!

    Have a blessed new week, sista!


  10. You guys are amazing!! Love the monkeys too!

  11. I've heard bad stories about monkeys hanging around in the open being an irritation to people, and that it is best to just stay away, but I have a feeling I would long to chase them about too!!! hehehehe. These photos are so great. I am glad that family members were able to visit with you and spend time seeing what it is like where you guys are!

  12. I just found your page through Mikaela's--so wonderful and I am so encouraged by your story. God is so awesome, and I love how you recognize that He desires to give us each an adventure--which requires us to be brave! you are inspiring, lady! God bless! I am excited to follow :) I am new to the blogging scene, you should give me a follow at http://foreverconvinced.blogspot.com/


  13. I just found your blog, and I love it! Beautiful pictures!


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