good men are changing the world

Tuesday, July 9

In over a year of blogging,
i've never had any post speak to so many women in such a profound way,
as I did on my last post about my husband redeeming a view of men.
if you missed it, you can read it here.

so many of you beautiful women sent me email after email depicting the hurt and shame you've felt from a man,
but how God in his mercy,
redeemed "men" by using a Godly man in your life to love you fiercely and boldly
in grace, compassion, beauty and servanthood.

I was so very honored to read your stories,
and it continued to reinforce the idea that
good men are needed to heal the world. 

I think of the ultimate "good man".
a carpenter from Galilee

who defied all custom and tradition and spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well,
offering her not condemnation for her past of 5 husbands, but instead, HOPE for her future.

who defended and praised, in front of popular society, a women who washed his feet with her hair.

who saved the life of a women caught in adultery.
not because she wasn't guilty,
but because his love for her was so strong
He wanted to see her break free from sin,
not be punished for it.

a savior, that in his last breath before dying on the cross,
made sure his mother was taken care of by John.

in short, it is no secret that this "good man" cared incredibly for women,
and viewed them as treasures, as part of his ministry.
He still does.

Ladies, Godly men are out there.
If you've been hurt by a man, there is hope.
And it starts with the best man there is, Jesus.
He's the one that speaks soothing life into the healing.

No man will bring you wholeness or complete healing,
but God can certainly use a man after his own heart to stand with you and encourage you in the process.

and men
{if there are any reading this blog!}
you have no idea how your love for women speaks VOLUMES in a hurting world.
fathers, husbands, sons, and friends,
what a unique role God has given you to play:)
when you shine His light, you shine HIs love.

I wanted to leave you with an email I received from a friend (with her permission to post it, of course).
I felt it was fitting to share because it so beautifully champions the power of a Godly husband.
So your most recent post really touched my heart. Your husband reminds me of mine in so many ways. I've told you that I have a real passion for helping girls who have been victimized, but I haven't told you the reason... I was sexually abused as a child. Five different abusers over a period of 12 years.  
My husband was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend. He was 18 and I was 17. The first year we dated, he ever-so-patiently and sweetly walked by my side as I began counseling and a path to healing. Looking back on it now, it amazes me how much he took on as an 18-year-old, but that's just how he is. Tender, gentle, kind, hilarious, and willing to prove to me that some men could be trusted. 
9 years later, he has continued to be my safe place. He loves me as Christ loves His church and that love speaks volumes. The faithfulness speaks louder than any words I could say

So when I read your post about your husband and how he is loving those girls. Respecting them. Bestowing value on them. Giving them space. Making them laugh. Being the butt of every joke. It just sounds like you're speaking of my sweet husband. When we have talked about mission work in the past, we haven't been exactly sure what our roles might look like - but after reading your post, I can see how my husband's gifts and personality can be used to bless not only me, but so many others! 
Love like this is not only beautiful, 
it is changing the world. 

Thank you Lord for good men. 

love Katie 
ps- if any of you have similar stories (or just a story you want to share) please email me! 


  1. Thank you for posting this! It was beautiful!

  2. amen amen amen :) so sweet and true.

  3. I love that you shared this. It definitely gives me qualities to look out for whenever I find a good man of my own :)

  4. I'm so beautifully speechless.
    I have yet to read the other post {oh but i will!} but this one in and of itself spoke to me on many different levels.
    Thank you for sharing this Katie, as always your words reach into my heart.

  5. Amen :) So thankful for the good & faithful men in my life. Here's my story about those redeeming men ...

  6. So so beautiful....Men should be the custodian of a women's heart. He should guard it, protect it and love it as he would his own.

    I have not had the best track record when it comes to men BUT I was loved by the only (earthly) man which daddy. He was everything I needed him to be. My friend, my champion, my defender, my protector and when the going got tough my dad was my dragon slayer. And because he was a man clothed in Christ he set the bar high for finding a husband and perhaps this is the reason why I am almost ummmmmm 40 and still single.

    I may never be blessed with a husband like Kevin or my dad and that makes me sad. But, my FB status today read: "A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others." Taken from the Wizard of Oz. I was loved by a great man unconditionally and today he is with our Heavenly Father who loves me still!!!

    May God continue to bless your husband and the work the two of you are doing. It matters!!!

  7. beautiful, Katie. Praise the Lord.

  8. I'm kind of speechless- it's so wonderful how your ministry is working to touch so many people- even outside of your new home in Nepal! Keep on shining your light, girlie ;)

  9. Wonderful story! Men are so important not only for other women, but to their daughters too! The father/daughter relationship is such a special one. I hope to have at least one girl (hopefully) one day... I can't wait to see my husband as a daddy!

  10. I agree, Godly men are such a blessing! In a world where so many women are traumatized by men, it's wonderful to know we have a great Savior who empowers men who are working for Him to help heal those women. I know my husband helped me through a whole lot of healing from scars that other men had placed on me.

  11. Wow, so beautiful!! That email testimony is so powerful! It is so beautiful when a godly man can be a small picture of the Perfect Man, Jesus. It's so easy for single Christian girls in particular to belittle and begrudge the Christian men in our churches and bitterly exclaim that there are no real men out there. They wonder where the "real" men are, all the while not realizing the men God is shaping and growing right in front of their eyes. Our words as women are so powerful in the lives of men. They can encourage, bless, and build .... or they can discourage, curse, and break down. I've been personally challenged by God to try to be a Builder for my brothers in Christ rather than one who tears down with words and sarcasm. I have come short many times, but I am daily learning.

    Thank you for showing that there are godly men who love Jesus and love His beloved children, the poor and the forgotten. There are men who reflect His love and compassion in all they do. May we as women be there to support them to lead in a way that honors our Father.

  12. This is so, so true. I had Aaron read your previous post and he was like "woah - that's amazing". It's so important to encourage our men and to value them, it drives me nuts when my friends consistently talk negatively about their husbands or boyfriends. Let's keep encouraging each other to pray for the godly men in our lives!

  13. I love this. Thanks for sharing your heart, sweet friend.

  14. I love love love love love this! It cannot be said enough. THERE ARE GODLY MEN OUT THERE! They DO exist! and you CAN live a beautiful life with a Godly husband! you don't have to settle! I am absolutlely going to do a post similar to encourage my readers very soon :)

    Love you, beautiful friend! and I love your husband for taking such wonderful care of you and setting a beautiful Godly example for other men to follow! Give him a BIG hug for me!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this! There ARE good guys out there, you just have to find them !:)

  16. Really loved this. I had a deep hurt from my father leaving when I was a little girl and always had trust issues with guys. So blessed to have one of the good guys in my life that is one-hundred percent trustworthy and best of all--has a heart for Jesus. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Amen. An incredibly touching post. These are sweet words of truth!

  18. it is so sad that there have been so many women hurt from men and deal with issues of trust and love. I love hearing about godly men that take care of their wives and others and wish more woman had that!

  19. This is such a wonderful blog site. It’s so inspirational for women who have been depressed, alone and oppressed. I certainly agree to your statement that men are made on the image and likeness of God. Like you, I’m blessed to have a wonderful and supportive husband. He has loved me despite of my shortcomings and imperfections.


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