my husband, redeeming a view of men

Friday, July 5

{juuussstttt love him!}

One of the biggest and most beautiful blessings being here in Nepal has been watching my husband love on these sweet girls in the home.

If I ever had a grocery list for what I wanted in a husband, 
somewhere on it would read “a love for children”.

check check.

I don’t know how he does it, but his incredible humility, humor and utter delight for life seems to attract even the most distraught of children.
And in this home, there is no exception.

But in this home, the girls are up against a lot more when it comes to men.

“men” doesn’t mean the same thing it might mean for us.
In a normal circumstance a man's presence is generally an every day occurrence that one thinks very little about.
If a man walks into a room, I am not frightened. No, I think very little of it and continue on in my business. 
Often a man symbolizes protection, safety, and maybe some good humor. 
When i'm walking the streets in a big city, like Kathmandu, Kevin's presence produces a sense of safety and well being for me.
{ie: he will kick butt if anyone tries to attack me}

but when you've been abused, sold, tortured, beaten, broken and bruised by a man,
every day,
for a long time,
a man's presence becomes a nightmare.

the very being that God created in his image has been perverted into something heinously evil.
something associated with a bleeding pain of agony that
and dehumanizes
a women...
a little girl.

and so that was what we were up against as we began receiving new girls in the home.
a view of man as the perpetrator, as the invader of all things innocent.
and rightly so.

I watched as Kevin gently kept his distance at first, allowing the girls space to feel free.
I noticed as he cracked jokes, and cheered at the girls success in every game we played.
I smiled when he made fun of himself so that the joke was on him, always.
And giggled hysterically when the girls taught him dance moves that he butchered.

and tears fell when I saw the walls began to fall.
there was a shift, and soon Kevin, in his tender, gentle and humorous ways
begin to shake the very notion of a man's presence in these girls lives.
from something evil, to something of redeeming worth.

because you can't fake love,
and when it's true and honest and real,
there is power to break the chains.
{one of the girls giving Kevin a birthday card!}

and i believe with all my little heart that God's spirit is using the unique gifts of Kevin to
vanguard the very essence of man...
the image of God.

that men can be patient, and kind, and protect things of value.
that men can be strong but equally loving and tender.

you guys, every moment I see
the girls get so excited to see Kevin,
or beg to play games with him,
or laugh when he tries hot peppers from the garden,
I am reminded how far they've come,
and how much God has done! 

a few weeks ago kevin decided to make bracelets for the girls.
i'm not gonna hunky husband is not the crafty type.
so it took me by surprise {to say the least}
and that morning he made 5 bracelets,
and to see the smile on those girl's faces when they received them
made me a bit misty.

 the girls love him. 
and even more, they trust him. 
and it is beautiful.
beautiful redemption.

so thankful to be married to a husband that allows God to use him,
and thankful for a God that chooses to
in someway,
 use us. 

happy weekend friends! 
love Katie 

{when we had the girls over to our house, they begged to paint kev's toenails! haha...and he agreed}
{they giggled and giggled and giggled}
{and one sweet one decided to take the polish off...much to kevin's delight!}


  1. He love them like Jesus......and because he does Jesus shines through!!

    You are a very blessed women!!

  2. Oh and have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

  3. what a sweet, heart-melting story. thank you for sharing

  4. This is such a lovely post, you are very blessed to have partner who is so incredibly endearing to children.
    I have this characteristic on my "list"of my future husband!

    x Natalie

  5. I was crying while reading this post. It's so awesome to see the redeeming power of God working through His people!

  6. That is a wonderful message and he truly is a wonderful man for helping those girls believe there are good men in the world. You are both doing such an amazing thing.

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I am enjoying every post!

  7. This post made my heart beam :) xx

  8. This is just about the sweetest post I've ever read! It makes my heart so happy to see such an example of God's redemption and the way He can change things and make things happen. Wow, just loved this so much! You've definitely got an amazing guy by your side :)

  9. crying my eyes out. Wow...what an honor that the Lord would use him in such a mighty way! This blesses me so very much. Such a BEAUTIFUL picture of redemption.

  10. What a sweet post, both to and about your husband. I bet most girls in centers like yours don't work much with men in their recovery, so I think it's wonderful that Kevin is there working with them.

  11. Beautiful post! When we went to Guatemala last June and I saw Tyler interacting with the kids, loving on them, etc. it was beautiful. Breath taking. And made my heart swoon! You both are beautiful people! :) love you pretty lady!

  12. This is so beautiful. Exactly how I feel about my husband. I was just raving about him yesterday to some folks, as well. Looks like we are both so very blessed to have such Christ-seeking men in our lives!

  13. This is a beautiful post. You two are a beautiful couple. Each word I read made me teary eyed, but happy tears of joy that he successfully gave a new meaning to man to those girls. You two are doing great things. Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Oh my goodness. This brought tears to my eyes. I had such a deep distrust for men before meeting my husband. He has similarly redeemed mankind for me ;) Praying that these girls will continue to have trust, faith and a feeling of safety. What a huge struggle it must be to let those walls come down after everything they've been through. So happy to hear how your husband is ministering to these beautiful girls <3

  15. awwwww. okay this made me almost cry. {In the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!} So beautiful!!! God is just too good! this is what these girls needed to perfect. Ps you are gorgeous! xo

  16. Beautiful Katie! Can't wait to meet Kevin one of these days - you definitely found yourself one of the best (or rather God sent you one of the best!) ;)

  17. Wow Katie. Blown away =D The other day I was listening to a podcast on the sex trade/slavery, and they were talking about how men who love Jesus play an incredibly important role in redeeming these young girls view of males. And while it was very insightful, it's such a blessing to come onto here and see it in action =) Thanks for sharing friend! I'll be passing this post along today!

  18. Love this! He keeps his distance and slowly grows relationships with them...and they get to see Jesus in him! Love love it! Great post!

  19. Wow wow wow I absolutely love this post, Katie! I'm so encouraged by what y'all are doing for the renown of Jesus!

  20. Wow wow wow I absolutely love this post and all that y'all are doing for the renown of Jesus where he has you!

  21. So beautiful. What a blessing and privilege to see God working through your husband, and in the lives of those young girls. I love the bracelets and painted toenails...what a great guy!

  22. SO BEAUTIFUL! Praise the Lord!!! xo

  23. What a blessing that God is using Kevin in such an amazing way in these girls' lives. God is so good!

  24. Your husband is a doll! i love that he let them paint his nails, seems so vulnerable but loving. amazing! So grateful for the work you're doing

  25. This brought tears to my eyes. You ladies are beyond blessed - especially you, Katie! I pray that I can meet a man like your hubby :)

  26. This is a tremendously precious post. What a powerful witness he is of the heart and mind of Christ to those dear little girls! God bless you both. I just recently started following your blog and LOVE your posts. :)

  27. What a powerful post...I found myself getting chills as I read this as I often do when I read your blog. It is such a blessing to read about all that God is doing in and through you as you faithfully serve Him and His precious daughters. My husband and I pray for you and Kevin on a regular basis and we trust that God will continually blow you both away by all that He accomplishes in your lives and the lives of those around you!

  28. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful post. I can't even express how much my heart breaks for women who have been so devalued and abused. I'm so thankful that God is using your husband to help break down the walls that have been put up for these girls! You guys are doing amazing things for Him!

  29. Katie, this post made me cry....
    Praise the Lord for His REDEEMING LOVE. God bless you two as you shine His glorious light into these precious ones' lives.

  30. Katie, this was just so beautiful! I will be praying for you both and your mission ahead! xo

  31. This is such a great post!! How wonderful to witness a man changing those girls' perceptions and for that man to be your husband is even better :) I love all the pictures and thank you for truly changing the world! My husband works with special needs kids and it melts my heart over and over every time I see him working with those little ones!

  32. oh, this post Katie. touched my heart once again. it's so amazing to know and see that kevin is helping to redeem the idea of men for these girls. that's some big healing and what a blessing it is for them to feel love and trust again finally. also, i don't think i've ever seen photos of the girls before (maybe just their hands) but these images really bring things into further reality for me. my heart breaks for what these poor babies have suffered but i'm so glad they are experiencing the love and healing power of God, with the help of people like you. keep shining for Him!

  33. what a wonderful post katie!! thanks for sharing this! it is so true what you said about if a girl hasn't been properly treated by a guy she can be untrusting and afraid. that is so sweet your husband made the bracelets and let the girls paint his toes, i'm sure he is pretty thankful for the girl willing to take the polish off at the end!

  34. i'm tearing up! what a sweet post. thank you for sharing.

    ps, on a lighter note...-check out my James Jeans giveaway!

  35. what a blessing to experience this! Thanks for sharing!

  36. wow, and i mean WOW! this is so uplifting and so humbling at the same time. it reminds me of the things we take for granted, even the way we are able to view other people. i love watching husbands interact with kids, especially when my husband taught kindergarten. there was one little girl that just adored him! always wanting to hug him, sit on his lap. turns out her father was quite neglatory and sometimes abusive. as much as it breaks my heart, i just pray that when she grows up she keeps the image that not ALL men are bad.

  37. This is so wonderful. What a blessing. I'm so happy to have found your blog - can't wait to look around. Have a wonderful week! :)

  38. I'm so happy to have found your blog! It's a real eye-opener to see things from other peoples perspectives. I love that you acknowledge how blessed you are. All the happiness in the world to you both. x

  39. this was the best thing to read before starting my day... so wonderful!

  40. Beautiful friend. It is such a blessing to see how vividly the Lord is working through someone. It it such a wonderful image of His love!

  41. This brought tears to my eyes, love it so much. What a blessing you and your husband are to those sweet girls. Thank you for sharing!

  42. this is such a sweet post!! it is so wonderful you found someone with such amazing qualities :)

  43. I am SO glad you blog, my beautiful friend.

    What a wonderful testament to God's grace you are!

  44. He loves them like Jesus does. I so love this. Just sent you an email!

  45. I love this, Katie! What a blessing!!!!

  46. I seriously love this! It really touched my heart dear friend. I'm so glad God could use your hubby to reach these girls and show them how a real man is supposed to treat you. :)

  47. Katie, my heart just melted after reading this. I am sure it is hard to describe all the things you see and feel day to day but thank you for sharing this. You and your husband are such a blessing and I am glad God is using every ounce of you!

  48. What a wonderful husband! God is working miracles through you BOTH there. So blessed to be able to read about your journey.

  49. I'm so glad you posted this, I had totally been wondering what Kevin was doing and how he interacted with the girls!

  50. Definitely had tears in my eyes as I read this post. thanks for sharing this tender story

  51. Absolutely beautiful!

  52. I LOVE this post, Katie. You are so right. It's terrible that man, the original form God created after Himself, is often viewed by many as a source of evil. I'm thankful that I haven't experienced that in my own life, so I can't even imagine the walls Kevin had to overcome to have the girls trust and love him. Your husband is awesome! You all are such a great team, and I love reading about the love you all show to each other, and also to the girls. <3 Love ya!!

  53. So wonderful to get caught up a little bit since we've been gone! I love this, Katie... it's so beautiful...

  54. So wonderful to get caught up a little since we've been gone! I love this post, Katie.... it's so beautiful...

  55. I absolutely love this story. I would love to serve with girls like that. I've always wanted to adopt from Cambodia, where the girls are sold into sexual slavery as young as 3 years old for no more than a couple hundred dollars. Sold by their own parents.
    Your story is sad but what you're doing to turn it around for yourself and for these girls is wonderful. Even more encouraging is the fact that you have a good man by your side to help you. I can't imagine there would be anything more rewarding than working with these girls.

  56. Literally teared up reading this. Beautiful.

  57. I got teary-eyed just reading this. :-) Keep on spreading the message of love and hope through the way that you live your life.

  58. AHHH!! I love this so much. Your husband reminds me of mine own sweet man. I am just sitting here wishing we could work with you guys there. My husband has wanted to do something help women getting out of trafficking for so many years but since he doesn't have any police/rescue experience, that often feels like an impossible dream. We just don't know where we could fit in and serve. You have inspired me, friend. I just need to send you a proper email. :)


  59. Can't believe I am just now reading this. You're a beautiful writer!


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