the beauty of "firsts"

Thursday, July 18

One aspect of living in another country is the excitement and emotion of “firsts”…
meaning that you do or experience something for the “first” time. 

Honestly, “first” can be both exhilarating, as well as straight up terrifying, right? 

I feel like “firsts” are gifts from God. 
I think they help us retain a child-like wonder to life. 
If we get too caught up in routine and monotony, we lose the awe and wonder that Abba has instilled in us! 
 I think the disciples had their fair share of firsts! Think about it…first time seeing water turn into wine…first time walking on water (Peter)…first time seeing a man be raised from the dead…and on and on and on! 
Living with Jesus is a crazy adventure because when we pray boldly, INSANE things happen that awe us! 

“Firsts” don’t have to just be reserved for people who move to another country! 
You too can experience “firsts” when you 
try a new restaurant, 
or google a new place to hike in your area, 
or even invite a stranger to your home for dinner. 
 Kevin and I used to try out a new ethnic food restaurant each month, and invite neighbors we didn’t know very well over for dinner! 
Life never has to get boring if you choose “firsts”! 

Here are a list of some firsts I’ve been having in Nepal… 

- Regularly eating Dahl Baht Tarkari (the nepali staple of lentils, rice and vegetables) 
- washing and iodining all my vegetables to get the parasites off! (sooo time consuming! Makes me a bit lazy to eat my fruits and veggies…wahhh!) 
- wearing a shalwar kurta and a sari (so so much fun!) 
- meeting and making best friends from England, Australia and South Africa! 
- Attempting to converse in nepali, and learning nepali dances and worship songs! 
- Trying to dodge cows when I’m walking down the street 
- Carrying a load of grass on my head 
- Spending 24/7 with my husband which I adore 
- Taking microvans and tuk tuk’s to get around the city, and ox carts in the country 
- Learning how to play carom 
- Preaching god’s word to hundreds of village believers 
- Eating with my hands 
- Doing ministry with my in-laws (seriously a HUGE blessing!) 
- Pumping water out of a pump 
- Doing counseling training for the aftercare home staff 
- Being loved on and building relationships with the incredibly precious girls in the aftercare home 

There really are so many more, but those were on the top of my head! 

But honestly, some of the best “firsts” have some come from watching the girls in the home! A few of the girls come from very rural villages, so things we often take for granted are “firsts” for them. 

Here are a few firsts I’ve had the excitement of observing with the girls: 

- riding an escalator (her face was priceless, how exhiliarating!) 
- trying clothes on in a dressing room 
- watching Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast (which they loved!) 
- eating tacos and quesadillas that Kev and I made for them 
- going to a mall 
- seeing a movie at a theatre! (the girls are so used to bollywood films on tv, that after we took them to see a Disney cartoon, they asked us…”where was the singing and dancing?” hahaha….if you’ve seen bollywood you will get this!) 
- going to a water park (OMG…I cannot describe in words how hilarious this experience was! Kevin and I were literally laughing the entire time! The girls had never even been in a swimming pool so watching their faces was they went down the big slides was so priceless…they were scared stiff, but then loved it!) 

and soooo man others could be added to this list! 

I think it is important to document the “firsts” we have….
how we felt in those moments, 
and how much joy came from trying something new! 
I believe that Christ delights when we step out and risk and try new things…afterall, he’s the most adventurous of us all, right? 

Have you tried any new things lately? Had any “firsts”? I’d love to hear!! 

Happy Thursday Friends,
love Katie
ps- i'm extending the give-away entry until Monday, I'll post the winner on Tuesday!! 


  1. So sweet! I admire you and your husband so much for what you do. I'd LOVE to do something like that someday!

  2. Sounds like you've got an amazing life! Very inspiring. I hope to do something similar one day :)

  3. What a great list of firsts! How amazing to be able to be with the girls when they experience those firsts!!

  4. I loved this! I think I was smiling the whole time while I was reading it. Firsts are wonderful and scary, but if they make you smile when you look back on them then it's all worth it. Glad you are having such a positive impact over there!


  5. I love this! Such a lovely inspiration to "be brave with our lives" as you mention! I smiled as I read through so many of your "firsts" of life there! I can only imagine all of the different and precious memories that the Lord is giving you!!What I love about our precious Lord is that HE IS the most adventurous of us all and everyday with Him is a precious first. I was just reading a scripture verse this morning that I am sure that I have read before but the way it spoke to me was like it was new all over again! What a precious picture of His mercy being new everyday so that we may experience ABUNDANT life through Him! Love ya friend and am praying for y'all everyday!!
    :) Rebecca
    p.s.- you are SO pretty- the love of the Lord shines through you and I can only imagine how much is touching the souls of those precious girls!! :)

  6. LOVE this post! I think we all tend to get a bit too comfortable in our lives. Making a habit of seeking out "firsts" is a great idea! I'm going to go ponder this and pray to be more open to cultivating an adventurous spirit!

  7. oh katie, it sounds like such a wonderful time! you look beautiful in your sari and being able to minister with your inlaws must be such a blessing!

  8. oh my goodness this post gives me all kinds of happy feelings. i love firsts. and totally agree you can have them anywhere. Matt and I are trying a new restaurant this weekend for date night before the wee one arrives. and i love that not only have you experiences firsts but you are giving these sweet girls amazing first experiences! truly priceless my friend. love ya!

  9. Oh I think watching those people you work with every day have firsts is absolutely amazing. I've seen the escalator first before as well with one of my students in Cambodia. She was terrified of it!

  10. Pretty sure this post just made it in my Top 10 favorites ever! I loved everything about it! First are so wonderful and can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! After living in Peru for almost 4 years, I am in a very new season of firsts since having a baby makes EVERYTHING different..even the things I have done before! I'm soaking it all up!

    I love it when teams come down and experience Peru for the FIRST time because it reminds me of my first time, and helps me to relive that first love I had of this country!

    Thanks for sharing friend! By the way you look amazing in your sari!

  11. That sari is absolutely gorgeous. All of the pictures are amazing. I've spend some time in India but never made it to Nepal, but you're making me really want to go. I love all of these experiences that you shared, firsts are definitely some of the most exciting things in life.

  12. LOVE THIS POST!!! And couldn't agree more!!! First's are such a gift and make this life so sweet!!! I love all your firsts and all the girls' too!!! Life is just so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. Loved every single word of this, Katie! I kept thinking "yes and AMEN!" as I read...naming our gifts/firsts is seriously the best. It always helps to turn our hearts back to thanksgiving. :)

    Some of my firsts lately...
    -Driving up in the mountains and getting completely lost (then turning it into an adventure!)
    -hiking a new trail in the middle of nowhere (so much fun!)
    -watchnig my best friend sit in awe of a waterfall

  14. I love this!! Such an amazing experience you guys are having! (I think I say this every post. :) I just love your heart, girl!

  15. This is such a sweet, fun post to read! I love the idea of naming "firsts". It is a great reminder of God's faithfulness in opening new doors and experiences beyond what we could plan.

    And the "firsts" of the girls are precious!! What a joyful blessing to be able to see their faces as they experience these things!


  16. Pretty obsessed with this post, so beautiful!

  17. Firsts = Childlike wonder. I LOVE that! So true =D

  18. These are so beautiful to read! "Firsts" truly are God-given and can be scary, stretching, and amazing! What has been the biggest thing you've grown in during your time in Nepal, Katie?

  19. Yes!!!! This warms my heart! (: YOU my friend are a SUPERHERO!!! What a blessing you are to these girls! I can only imagine how time consuming it must be to wash your vegetables! oh my....

  20. I completely agree with the idea that "firsts" keep us childlike. It's so important to me to keep the incredible wonder in lofe. I just had the First time I've ever flown in an airplane with my husband (and it's way, way more fun than flying alone!) :)

  21. Wow what a wonderful experience to have all in God's name. His light truly shines through your writing and through the glow on your face.

    The Word of A Nerd

  22. This is beautiful. I love this posts. Not only are you experiencing a list full of many firsts but so are these girls, and you can to see it all. It's amazing!

  23. this is so sweet! so many times we takes these firsts for granted when really they can be the best part about a situation! and i love your sari! they're so beautiful!

  24. love all of these "firsts" :) they really are gifts from God!

  25. Just found your blog and I'm in love with it already! And I love your perspective on "firsts" :-) It must have been amazing for you and Kevin to experience those things along with the sweet girls! And I get the whole "where was the singing and dancing" thing because I LOVE Bollywood movies! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  26. You are such a joy! I treasure being able to read about your experiences!!!!

    By the way, how do you edit photos to have such adorable graphics on them?

  27. I SO agree about the "firsts" thing. I grow more and more in my walk with the Lord by seeing new things and learning how to appreciate different things. :)

  28. I can't wait to try firsts with you someday, here AND over seas : ) particularly, first time living with another married couple ;)

  29. I can't wait to try firsts with you someday, here AND over seas : ) particularly, first time living with another married couple ;)


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