a magical lotus pond, Cambodia

Monday, November 18

our favorite day in Cambodia, 
we decided to throw out the guide books and just explore,
or really,
let the locals show us around!  

we hired a local driver to take us all around the countryside, 
and to stop whenever he wanted to! 

in Cambodia (as well as Thailand and Laos) 
the mode of transportation most common is called a tuk tuk. 
these open air carriages are hitched to a motorbike, and are perfect for exploring! 
with the wind whipping through our hair, we set off! 

you guys...the Cambodian countryside is so beautiful! 
it's hard to imagine the violent past in this country, as the people are so incredibly friendly,
and the landscape picturesque. 

our first unexpected adventure was stumbling upon a lotus pond. 
it felt rather unreal, like I was living in a fairy land. 
along the side of the road was a beautiful field of lotuses ready to harvest,
and a path leading out to a little bungalow with the farmers resting in hammocks. 

we also played with the kids who lived near the pond,
and Kevin taught them how to do a trick with their hands. 
i love these pictures as he teaches them:) so cute! 

enjoy the magic,
happy Monday,
love Katie 

{our tuk tuk above!}


  1. Beautiful!! It really does look almost unreal. My family went to Cambodia last year and my Mom says she thinks that is the most fun and memorable trip they've ever taken!

  2. oh my goodness. what an experience! i love getting off the beaten path. we rented a motorbike while we were there and it was awesome for exploring the countryside with! i always love looking through your pictures : ) one day we'll travel together ; )

  3. These photos are just gorgeous! Those lily pads! Amazing!


  4. OH MY! Friend, you have captured the magic this place must have felt like in these pictures! Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. beautiful pictures! precious children!!! love it

  6. this is so beautiful. seriously, i'm amazed more and more each day of what you and kevin doing. i wish i have half of your kindness.

  7. Wow, this is so beautiful! The natural beauty of this world never ceases to amaze me!

  8. what beautiful pictures and you look stunning! my sister and i are planning a trip to cambodia soon and now i am even more excited!


  9. Letting the locals show you around is such a wonderful idea! I'm sure you saw so much that you wouldn't have otherwise by doing that! :-)

  10. I love the photos of Kevin showing the local kids that hand trick! The joy in those kid's faces is contagious! Was that bridge/dock steady? I think I would have been terrified of falling in the water! I am a scaredy-cat obviously!

  11. What beautiful photography and a lovely story to go along :) The symbolism of the lotus flower seems to ring true in Cambodians' lives. Despite the "dirt" they have to grow through, they become simply beautiful.

  12. what a fun way to explore! you two are so adventurous

  13. Okay Katie, one day you need to write a post about all of your travel tips and trip overviews of what you did :) And one day you two will have to come out to visit us in Thailand! ;)

  14. Amazing pictures! Cambodia is one of my favorite places - the beauty of the landscape and the people has forever stole my heart! Can't wait to return one day!! You look so happy and content! Kristina x

  15. aww! these pics are great!!!!
    they remind me of my nieces and nephews. when we were in cambodia, they'd ask us, 'come, let's go explore!' but the word for travel/ exploring is actually a combination of two words " walk" and "Play."

    so when i see these photos, i think of those kids showing you around and as you "daeu laang" (walk / play") or (walk for fun) .

  16. I know in Cambodia, a friend of mine was there for a few weeks doing missions work with trafficking victims and they made her wear long skirts because of modesty there. Did you get any looks for wearing shorts? Just curious. I think this was cute to show the children how to do that with their hands. I used to do that a lot as a child too! hehe


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