Angkor Thom & Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Tuesday, November 12

angkor wat is one of those places that you probably have in your subconscious without knowing it! 
if you've ever seen the jungle book, then you already know what this place looks like…
literally miles upon miles of ancient temples and cities, 
so advanced it's unbelievable! 
I suppose that's why it's a wonder of the world! 

it was incredible

 Kevin and I spent the entire day visiting two of the main areas…
Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom. 

If you are in Cambodia, this is a must! 
You can buy a park ticket for the day for $20 a person,
and rent a tuk tuk to take you around all day for only $10. 

We started with Angkor Thom first…which was an ancient city. 
We ventured in without a guide thinking we could save a few bucks, 
but after 30 minutes of realizing we had NO IDEA what we were staring at {which was really annoying to me!},
 caved in and got ourselves a guide!! 
Best $40 spent! 

Our guide knew so much history of the area, 
and we learned about the Hindu and Buddhist cultural aspects of this civilization. 
My favorite temple was the jungle temple {called Ta Prohm}
you may recognize it from "Laura Croft Tomb Raider"
but it's the temple with the massive trees bustling out and taking over the stones. 
I could not stop taking tree pictures, haha! 

Most of the day was spent in the sprawling Angkor Thom,
but the last hour we spent at Angkor Wat, which was the main temple.

It was really a sight to behold. 
Kev and I just sat there and starred as we let our feet rest! 
it is so grand, and so ornate. 

after an hour of touring angkor wat, the darkest clouds rolled in.
we ran to our tuk tuk and got in just as the rain began to pour buckets on the earth! 
what a day! 

enjoy the pictures…
goodness knows I took too many:) 

happy Tuesday,
love Katie 

 {Angkor Wat…below}
 {a storm is brewing…we finished the day right before the rain started to overtake the land…
we were so thankful to have made it out before then!!}


  1. Wow! You got to see some neat places on your way back to the States.


  2. Angkor Wat is on the top of my must see list! As an Anthropologist, this place fascinates me!

  3. I LOVE picture heavy posts (mine usually tend toward picture heavy) and especially when they showcase a part of the world I haven't been to! Simply gorgeous.

  4. WOW absolutely stunning pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!
    :) Rebecca

  5. The place is full of history and is a treasure for people who admire ancient architecture. The walls are full of carvings. I would get lost and would not want to come back. Great pics Katie and glad that the rains did not ruin the trip

    Naaj Rona

  6. Hey pretty girl! I am so glad I found your blog while on Jayda's (Avocado Grove) and just had to message you and tell you that I am already in love with your blog and your precious posts! Can't wait to be a new follower of yours :) Have a great day, friend!


  7. gorgeous!! I feel like I remember that exact tree, blew my mind!!! It truly is incredible there, so glad y'all enjoyed it!!!

  8. How gorgeous! I'm jealous because Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat are on my bucket list. :-)

  9. Love love love!! Could you two be any cuter? :)
    a.) I want your photography skills
    b.) I want all of your travel notes!!

  10. your pictures are gorgeous as always! i'm so glad you had great weather, we got stormed on our first day there, but it set a different tone for it that you don't usually see so it was ok ; )

  11. Oh my goodness, Katie, this is magnificent! This looks so magical and mind-blowling, really. I kept starting at the faces hewn from stones. How did they do that? And the long exposed tree roots are just plain awesome. And you two are just too adorable for words.

  12. you are positively the cutest couple i know. anddd these pics look amazing!

  13. Stunning! Love all your pictures!

  14. Beautiful! It's like the Jungle Book come to life.

  15. this makes me miss you !

    also your photography... wow.

    and the first kissing photo of you two is amazing!

  16. Angkor Wat is so gorgeous. We explored it while in Cambodia, in awe of its historical and artistic depth. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs!

  17. Random... what kind of camera is that? I'm in the market for something easy to use.... any suggestions?! P.S. beautiful photos, what an amazing life to travel and spread God's love and word!!!

  18. fantastic pictures! makes me want to travel again so much!

  19. Love the picture looking down on you and Kev from above - what wonderful adventures you guys have!

  20. beautiful photos! I've always wanted to go to cambodia.. my friend who is khmer shares about it and makes me want to see the people the way she does.

  21. oh yay!! i haven't been to your blog recently and so when i saw this post i was absolutely delighted! that first photo of yall on the top.. it looks like you 2 were photoshopped into the background! =D i've been to siem reap twice, but went with family both times so we didn't get a guide. the next time we go we're definitely getting a guide so we can learn more about the history and architecture. next you go you should also stop by banteay srey.. it's a bit farther from the angkor thom and angkor thuic (angkor wat) complex but its really pretty. =) love your photos, you have a great eye.

  22. Gorgeous photos-what an amazing place!! Also--sidenote, LOVE your shoes.

  23. GORGEOUS shots! Oh Katie, you captured the beauty here so eloquently! I love this. Being in Italy has only made me want to travel MORE, haha!


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