Siem Reap, Cambodia

Wednesday, November 20

Siem Reap was an absolute delight to the senses! 
Kevin and I were there for 3 days and it wasn't nearly enough. 

Siem Reap is the home base for visiting the epic temples 
of Angkor Wat, the Cambodian countryside, and Ton Le Sap Lake,
and before we arrived we thought it merely that, a home base. 

but Siem Reap is an incredible place all on it's own. 
It has the BEST markets i've ever been to, 
warmest and smiliest people
delicious food, 
great lodging, 
and above all…cheap prices! 

we rented bikes one afternoon and biked all around the city.
it's big enough to have a lot going on,
but small enough to be cozy and warm and completely "explorable".
we biked outside the main tourist drag and found a Cambodian market,
where we were the only tourists to be found. 
we had a blast trying local flavors,
and being quite surprised at other local delacacies we were not so brave to try! 
{you'll see what I mean below!!}

we also stayed in the absolute BEST place ever on the planet,
i'm not joking. 
scroll down as I relive the amazingness of this fabulous hotel!!
 {kev being his very adventurous self and trying a "home-made" drink!}
 {exploring the markets!}
 {prepare yourself for some very "exotic"cambodian delicacies!}

We stayed at the Golden Temple Villa.
I'm not kidding friends, if you are in Siem Reap, you would be a fool not to stay here! 

First of all, this place is only $12 a night…
i know…I know! 
Secondly, the minute you arrive, you are greeted by the most friendly people
and ushered into their fabulous restaurant for free drinks and a snack! {like legit drinks & snacks}
and then…yes it gets better…you get to schedule a FREE 1/2 hour massage! 
Kev and I got our massages side by side in their relaxing massage room…it was heaven!
Not to mention the gardens, and the hammocks we did our quiet times on each day! 
so lovely! 

and their restaurant…to.die.for.
Every day I ordered their fried spring rolls {gluten free too!!}
because they were only $2.50 and soooo yummy! 
rarely would I choose to stay at a hotel's restaurant, but all i wanted to do was eat here, 
it was that AMAZING!!! 

ok…i could go on and on and on…but I think you get the point:) 

happy wednesday friends:) 

love Katie 


  1. Wow! That hotel sounds amazing! And these pictures just remind me of how colorful everything is over there. Sometimes I miss all of those bright colors in America!

  2. beautiful. your pictures are always so stunning!

  3. What an amazing place! And affordable too! What was in that little egg up there?

  4. Wow! You do an amazing job capturing the colors and sites whereever you go! You've got me itching to visit Cambodia!

  5. We equally loved Siem Reap when we went! I wish we had spent more time in the looks like you guys had a blast there! :)

  6. Your photos are amazing!! Just curious, but what kind of camera do you use? :)

  7. These pictures are incredible! I love photography and I'm so happy that I found this blog! Obsessed already! :)

  8. Gorgeous photos lady! I just stumbled upon your blog via Bloglovin, and so glad I did! :) Love this. Love your story (i've been sorta stalking your blog)! Keep it up!

    Living in Another Language

  9. I always love stopping by and being blessed by your photos and heart for the world!!

  10. I loved Siem Reap!! Your pictures are stunning and so colourful, made me really happy!! But - talking about Khmer specialities - where are the roasted spiders?? :) Did you see them being sold on the market? Just the thought of them make me shiver!! :) Kristina x

  11. wait a sec. you and your husband tried unborn chicken fetus?
    my family / friends/colleagues eat that and i am pretty courageous but even i won't eat that...
    if y'all did.. PROPS!!!

    btw did you try fresh sugar cane juice in cambodia? it's soooooooooooo good....

    also, $12 a night and you get a free massage? that's a deal!!!! the last time in SR we stayed at this other hotel and it was $10 a night, but without all those amenities that your hotel had. i will have to check this one out next time if i get the chance!

  12. Wow. So many idols there :( That must have been hard. Did you feel spiritual darkness while there?
    What is in that egg that it looks like that??


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