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Monday, October 13

A few days ago, Kevin and I were reflecting on the most incredible Fall we experienced last year. Yes, exactly a year ago Kevin and I returned home from Nepal and drove up to Northern California to work the rice harvest for my dad. My dad, grandfather, and great grandfather have all been faithfully farming rice in the area for 100 years, and it is still a family owned operation! Kevin and I both drove tractors and helped bring in the rice harvest! It was truly magnificent! The days were long, but time spent out in the open fields painted with the most beautiful sunsets and brimming with wild life was so healing to my soul. It felt good to work hard with my hands.

Fall in Northern California is brilliant. The leaves turn and Bidwell Park lights up in the most radiant colors. It was awe and wonder to walk beneath the blazing boughs with friends, holding hot cups of tea and coffee, laced with conversation.

My mom made the home feel so cozy with her Fall decor, and the fire place was lit each night as we ate a hearty dinner. Each day it was early to the fields, long days of hard work, and home to a yummy dinner and early bed. On repeat. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. In case you missed my Fall experience last year, I've added a few of the links below! I hope it gets you even more into the Autumn spirit!!

Why Not become a Farmer! 
Fall Is…
Fall Photo Shoot
Farm Dreaming {and gorgeous Fall Farm sunsets!} 
Changing Seasons 

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