My $5 Outfit: October

Tuesday, October 7

All pieces are from a yard sale (except the shoes), but their original brands: 
shirt: Forever 21 // pants: American Eagle 

So as promised, another $5 outfit from a yard sale! {to see the last one, click here} The last few weeks i've really been getting back into going on Saturday mornings. It's like a treasure hunt, and I get soooo giddy. Gotta love the motto, "you just never know what you'll find"!! And it's so true. This outfit is my inspired October outfit. Why? you ask. Because the shirt is orange. I know, i'm creative. But I fell head over heels for this orange elephant silky shirt from Forever 21. The back has a zipper, but since I'm not a fashion blogger, I forgot to showcase that lovely feature…whoops! #fail. These jeans, originally from American Eagle are so comfy, and i'm sure from the wrinkles in the knees, you can see they are well worn! haha! The necklace was a total score {i'm kinda obsessed with gold jewelry now!}, including the gold studs and ring I got for a $1 each! I wore this outfit to church last week, and felt so fall-ish, even if Fall is no where to be found in the land of eternal sunshine {not that i'm slightly bitter at all…}. Lastly, this has nothing to do with yard sales, but I realized how much I love having an ombre. In the past, I would take one look at that last picture and exclaim that I needed my roots touched up! Now I just call it an ombre and get away with it! #lazyhairowner. This outfit is simple…but that's just me!

Do you like to yard sale?? Any fun finds lately? 

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