A few fun updates for your Monday, and a give-away

Monday, November 10

{I took these pictures at our Bible Study retreat to Mexico…you can see the full post here}

Hi friends,

I hope you had a marvelous weekend. I sure did! It was filled with lots of friends, family, food, yard saling (of course, right?), and home work (a girls gotta study!). Oh ya, and our kitchen remodel is done so now I'm gonna cook 500 recipes in the next week because i'm SO SICK OF EATING OUT. Glad I got that off my chest:) There just is nothing like a home cooked meal, amiright??? Roasted veggies, come to me!!!

Anyhow, a few fun to things to share with you today!

1) First, we've gotten the green light to start printing our 2015 travel calendar! I'm so excited. My friend Emmy (who did the calligraphy) and I met with the printers on Friday. We picked out the paper (it's called recycled linen…can you visualize the beauty already?), and worked on the picture layout. Ladies, it's going to be a gorgeous addition to your home, filled with bright and colorful travel pictures, inspiring quotes, and just stunning calligraphy. So…hold off from buying a calendar for next year! You will be the first to know when it comes out! I can't wait to show you!! Thank you for all your encouragement last week with it!

2) Secondly, you know how i'm kinda crazy about my yard sales? Well...I decided to open an instagram account called @shopmyclosethopeengaged ….Basically, it's like an online yard sale. I will be periodically posting my clothes at very cheap prices (I think most items are $2, $3, or $4 plus shipping).  So, head on over to Instagram, and start following my online yard sale! It's first come, first serve! Happy Shopping!

3) Lastly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, my sweet readers. You have no idea how encouraged I am by your comments, emails and just general love. I love blogging because I get to know such lovely ladies as yourselves! Because of that, I wanted to offer 2 free ad spots to two lucky readers for the next month. To enter to win a free ad spot on my sidebar, all you need to do is leave a comment letting me know if there are any kinds of posts you want me to do more of in 2015! Is there anything you've been dying for me to share about, etc? And if there's not, that's totally fine too!! Looking forward to picking 2 lucky winners to feature on my sidebar!!

Have a great Monday friends. Wish I was saddled up next to you at a coffee shop, chatting away and sipping tea! But instead i'm spending my Monday finishing up a final. So fun! Much love to you all…. 

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