Yard Sale Style: Going Out

Wednesday, November 5

Oh hey there second hand clothing, I love you. I do. Clearly i'm not a fashion blogger, because if I was I would have shown you the back of this shirt because it's magical. It hangs down further in the back and just generally looks sweet. But instead i'm striking the same pose in all 3 pictures. #fail

Moving on. 

This past Saturday I only went to two yard sales, but I hit the jack pot! It was raining (which happens like twice a year), so of course nobody was out because nobody (including myself) knows how to drive in the rain. It's a serious problem, people. We freak out like it's armageddon. All my friends from the east coast that live here make so much fun of us Californians. Don't even ask me ever to drive in snow, I would be clueless. Snow…what's that? 

I digress again. 

One yard sale was at a church. And evidently this church is made up of people who like to get rid of perfectly awesome and super fashionable pieces of clothing. I literally bought 10 shirts (ranging from Madewell, to Cottonon, to Gap, to Banana Republic, to Max Studio, and of course F21 that all looked brand new!). I also scored an adorable purse and shelled out the big bucks ($3) for it! Cue me dancing in the streets!

That night, I had a friend's bachlorette party. I threw my newly acquired loot in the laundry machine, hang it to dry, and then donned a brand new outfit (to me!) to wear to the party!! 

The yellow shirt is from CottonOn, and the pants are some brand i've never heard of but I LOVE! The necklace was a $1 at a yard sale a few weeks ago. This outfit (besides the shoes) costs me $3. Hooray!! 

This story was WAY to long for basically saying nothing. The end. 

Actually, i'm not done. Ok, so I asked on IG, but I will ask you all now! I'm toying with the idea of making a travel inspired calendar for 2015!! The calendar will have 12 of my favorite travel photos from around the world, gorgeous calligraphy (done by my friend Emmy), and inspiring travel quotes! It would be the perfect Christmas gift for any travel lover in your life…or YOU! :) 

So the question is…are you interested? 

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