Guess where we are going next????

Sunday, November 23


It probably comes as no surprise to most of you, that the minute Kevin and I get back from one trip, we start dreaming about our next! What can I say? Travel runs thick in our veins.

This past August, on our anniversary, Kevin took me on a sweet date to the beach for a bike ride, to my favorite restaurant, and then to a coffee shop to plan our next trip! {#travelnerds, I know! haha} When we arrived at the coffee shop, we had NO idea where we wanted to go…the world was our oyster!

Being a complete Europe lover, and having spent all last year in Asia, we decided it was high time to branch out!  South America it was!

But where to go? What to do? Google became our best friend, and the research was on!

After a few hours sipping tea and lattes, we smiled wide, ready to click "purchase" for a flight to a new destination!

Where are we going? Well…I'll give you a few clues. First of all, we are traveling to 2 different countries. Let's see if you can guess:

The first country...
- houses a large portion of the Amazon rain forrest
- does not share a border with Brazil
- and became famous when Charles Darwin discovered their unique set of islands

The second country…
- is the world's leading source of emeralds
- is world-renowned for their coffee
- was named after Christopher Columbus


If you guessed Ecuador and Columbia, YOU WIN!

Now, I need YOUR help! Do any of your know any one that lives in either of these countries? We LOVE meeting up with new friends in new countries, and would love to connect with your contacts!! Let me know, I will love you forever!!

We leave late December, and get back mid January! Be sure to follow along on IG!! 

Any fun trips in YOUR future?

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