The 2015 Travel Calendar is HERE!!!

Tuesday, November 25

Friends, I could not be any more excited with you to announce that the 2015 Travel Calendar is now for sale! All the pictures in this calendar ware taken by Kevin or I on our travels around the world, and the calligraphy was done by my sweet friend Emmy Clausen who owns Hazel Fern Calligraphy. For weeks Emmy and I have been meeting with the printers, picking the paper, getting the details just right…and today I picked it up in my own hands. Ohhhhh it is gorgeous!! Just what I was envisioning! 

Each page features a unique travel print, a hand written calendar, and a special travel quote to inspire you on the adventure! The Calendars are being sold for $25 each. 

You can start pre-ordering them NOW! The calendars will be printed early next week and will mail them out ASAP in case you need them for Christmas gifts!! They will be the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life…or anyone who loves to dream! 

To purchase a calendar, visit my Etsy shop here. 

I will be on a cruise for Thanksgiving from Wed-Sun. Once I get back I will respond to emails and get your calendars shipped out!! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating. There is just so so many blessings upon us, I am grateful. YOU readers are a dear blessing to me!!  

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