Catalina Island

Monday, December 1

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's one of my absolute favorite holidays! This year was quite different as I traveled with my husbands family on a cruise to Catalina Island and Mexico. Catalina is such a pretty little island, right off the coast in California. I've been before, so this time it was fun just to stroll around and soak in the beauty. The main attraction in the little city of Avalon is the 1929 Casino. To this day, they still host over a dozen big band dances in the ballroom {I'm hoping Kevin will take me some time!!}. We took a tour of the gorgeous theater and ballroom, and that was an absolute high light! If you are ever in California, Catalina is worth a little stop over!!

PS- The Calendars are being printed this week, so don't forget to check them out here!! 

I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!! Happy December!! xoxo 

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