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Friday, December 12

What a beautiful week this was in so many ways. Reminders of God's faithfulness were so evident around every corner. I'm sitting in my big chair now, looking out at the twinkly lights on our tree, thinking about this last year with great fondness. Life can be hard and messy and crazy, but this season (with all it's monotony: i.e.: not living abroad) feels right. I told my friends the other night that i'm living into my calling, to become a therapist, and it just feels like i'm breathing my authentic self.

Kevin and I have such a wanderlust and heart for the world. Travel for us isn't just about seeing new places, it's about building deep into the relationships that we form, and learning to view the world through fresh eyes. One neat thing about this past year, is that even though we've been forced to be relatively "tied down" to Southern California (with me in grad school), there have been so many beautiful ways we've still engaged with the world.

Just take this week for example...

- Kevin and I figured that since we can't be living abroad right now, we can still be meeting, welcoming and connecting with students from around the world! Every Tuesday, we have lunch with a group of international student. This week the Saudi Arabian students made me straight up coffee from their home town, and it was INTENSE. They about died laughing after I took my first sip…that stuff was strong! I quickly replaced the taste with a delicious date they brought over from SA as well….who knew fresh dates were so divine?  Random fact, did you know that the Saudi Arabian King helps pay for students from SA to come over to the US to study? Amazing. I wish Obama would pay me to go study in another country, haha! But truly, these students are a joy and I love that Kevin and I get to be on the receiving end, inviting people into our home and loving them!!

- On Monday night we had a Nepali couple over. They actually are the directors of the aftercare home where we worked in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the first time we've seen them since we left Nepal {a tearful goodbye here}, and it was so lovely reconnecting! We asked them how each one of the girls were doing, and laughed at all the sweet  stories we heard!

- Earlier in the week, Kevin and I filled our advent calendar that I bought in Germany 2 years ago. There is a little pocket for each day. We put verses of the Christmas story in each pocket, as well as candy and fun little activities to do together! Last night, Kevin said "hey babe, why don't you go get the verse out of the calendar". Along with the verse, he had sneakily stuffed a little present in there for me. When I unwrapped it I couldn't believe my eyes!! A sweet little bundle of cash was in there, along with a note that said "to splurge while in Cartagena"! Kevin and I are budget travelers, but because he had agreed to attend a survey group the day before to make $150, he was able to give us a night at a sweet hotel in Columbia. If you didn't already hear, we are going to Ecuador and Columbia in January (see here for more info)!

- Lastly, as you all probably know, I am still selling our 2015 Travel Calendar, and it's gorgeous as ever!! I still have about 20 copies left, and would LOVE for you to enjoy the vibrant pictures and inspiring quotes all year! It would make a fantastic Christmas present, or just a fun addition to your room! These 9x9 calendars have space to write a little something each day! You can purchase one here! 

Basically, the Lord is so good in providing sweet little reminders of His love, and delighting our hearts with our desires! I hope that wherever you are, and however you feel, you would know that God's tenderness is for you too.

PS- And as a fun friday give-away, a few other travel bloggers and I are giving away $150 cash on IG. Go visit my IG page, and read the instructions on how to enter. The give-away will start at 11am EST (or 8am PST for those of us west coasters!) It's pretty easy!! Fingers crossed that you win sweet friend:)

Happy Weekend lovely, 

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