A little Christmas preview

Monday, December 29

There is something so nostalgic about returning to your childhood home for Christmas. Last week when we pulled into my parents driveway around 11:30pm at night, we were met with the cold crisp air of Northern California and the familiar magic that covers our home around the holidays. My dad greeted us at the door, and we walked through each room of the house, inspecting the decor and marveling at its beauty. We ohhhh and ahhhed over everything. I love how much awe and wonder there is to be had at the tiniest of details. The growing little victorian village on the buffet table, the precious nativity scene on the coffee table, the way the twinkly lights reflect the colors of the decor…it surrounds me like a warm, familiar blanket.

Christmas is first and foremost about the birth of our savior. Humble beginnings that transformed the world and brought love, grace and incredible mercy into the darkest of places. And i'm always reminded of that when, in the dead of the night, the Christmas lights sparkle on the tree, emanating a hope that is LOVE and POWER and VICTORY. Decorations are not necessary at Christmas. They are not the reason we celebrate. But for me, the familiarity and love and tenderness of my mother who prepares the home, helps to usher me into a deeper place with the Lord.

Today is just a small sneak peak of how lovely the house looked decorated:) Thanks Mom!

We leave tomorrow for Ecuador and Columbia!! I'm so excited, but certainly have a LOT to do between now and then!! Feel free to follow along on our adventures on InstaGram @hopeengaged

Happy Monday hope you had a most beautiful Christmas friend!

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