We're back from South America! {and a sponsorship opportunity!}

Wednesday, January 14

Well, we've made it back from South America. It literally felt so good to take a hot shower and sleep in my own bed. Even though traveling is in my blood, there is nothing like coming back to a familiar place filled with faces you know and love.

Our trip was incredibly amazing on so many levels! We connected with some of the most warm and inspiring people who showed us hospitality beyond measure. We jumped off bridges and zip lined and swung on a tree that dangled our feet over a thousand foot cliff. We soaked in thermal baths and got massages. We volunteered with an incredible organization. We sat on a beach and read and swam in the ocean. 

I can't wait to share with you each step of our journey from Ecuador to Columbia! I've missed you sweet readers and am excited to hop back on this blogging train! 

I hope your 2015 is shaping up to be your best year yet!! I have a whole bunch of exciting posts and pictures planned for this year, so I hope you'll stick along for the ride!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I am offering sponsorship {a Large Ad} on my blog for $15 a month, or $35 for 3 months! If one of your new years goals is to grow your blog, this might be a great opportunity for you to partner with Hope Engaged. Just as reminder, all sponsorship money from my blog goes to support the aftercare home that Kevin and I worked at in Nepal! So…really, just think of your sponsorship as a donation to an amazing organization that houses girls rescued out of sex trafficking and other tragic situations. Email me at hopeengaged@gmail.com if you are interested!!

Happy day friends!

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