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Friday, January 30

You may not know, but I have an incredible passion for incorporating traditions into both every day life as well as special holidays. I believe traditions enhance and enrich the sacredness of the ordinary, as well as commemorate and deepen a sacred holiday. Traditions provide safety and comfort, like the feeling of being wrapped in a familiar childhood blanket. Every year at Christmas I knew we'd eat Swedish food and drink root beer and exchange gifts by the fire. Every night as a child I knew my mom or dad would read a Narnia book to my siblings and I, and then sit by our bed while we said our prayers. Traditions gave us something to look forward to, and inspired creativity and family togetherness. More importantly, traditions reminded and centered me on what is most valuable in my life…God. For these reasons, I think our lives are more deeply lived when we are intentional about incorporating traditions of our own.

As Kevin and I begin to think about starting a family, I am ever aware and thinking about traditions that we want to adopt for the enrichment of our lives. This is where YOU come in dear friend! I want to hear your traditions. First…you should know that when I say "tradition" I don't just mean for a holiday. If you have a tradition of making waffles and singing songs with your kids every Sunday before church, I want to hear about it! And be creative…I don't want just 500 Christmas traditions. Do any of you do anything special around Valentines day, St. Patricks, Veterans Day, etc???

If you want to be featured on Hope Engaged, please see the instructions below to learn how to submit a post to my blog:

Submit a Tradition to Hope Engaged: 
1. Pick a tradition that your family celebrates {includes, but is no limited to family}
{whether it be holiday specific, or just an every-day tradition}.
2. Write 2-4 paragraphs on this tradition
{A few idea of what to include: How did your tradition start? How does it enhance your family life? How does it strengthen your faith? Any specific items people would need to try to recreate this tradition (like a recipe or craft)  etc. }
3. Include 3-5 DSLR pictures with your post.  Pictures must be 700 pixels wide. {If you do not own a DSLR camera, don't worry! I can always provide pictures to go along with your post! Don't let this stop you from submitting}
4. Include a brief bio of yourself and any social media links
5. Email your post and pictures to me at

While I am excited to receive many of your traditions, please keep in mind that I will not be able to post them all. If I decide to post your tradition, I will make sure to let you know. There is no deadline to submit a post…I will be collecting them all year! {If you have any traditions around Valentines day, submit it soon so I can post it in 2 weeks:) }

Thanks in advance for sharing your life with me! I just love this space of blogging because of the amazing community like you all! This morning I met with with the most adorable couple from England, whom I met through blogging. Esther and Matt are here in California for a wedding, and so we all had breakfast together! So fun! Who else wants to come visit me in the sunshine?!?!?

Happy Weekend dears!!

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