Bridge Swing // Banos, Ecuador

Monday, February 2

So, i've never had any desire to bungee jump…I absolutely hate being upside down. However, when I found out I could jump off a bride and not be upside down, I was completely hooked on the idea. 

Bridge swinging is essentially just like it says…you jump off a HUGE bridge and swing side to side. When we first walked out on the bridge, we took one look over the edge and the adrenaline started to pump. We got the nervous giggles…you know, the kind that are trying desperately to cover up your fear of the raging river below! But we grabbed the bull by the horns, and suited up for the jump of a lifetime. 

Once we were snug in our gear, I volunteered to go first, because A) I didn't want my knees to start shaking watching Kevin go first and B) because I wanted Kevin to be right by my side when I jumped, counting to 3 for me. I stood up on the teeny tiny ledge {freaking out inside!!!}, inching my toes over the edge, and Kevin counted 1…2…3… and then I jumped! It was absolutely the most exhilarating feeling i've ever experienced!! I jumped out as far as I could, and then started to fall. The bungee pulled and I started swinging back and forth. The view was absolutely magnificent. There was a raging river below, a cliff with two waterfalls in the canyon, and just the most stunning landscape surrounding me in all it's greenery!  I just sat there swinging  back and forth with a HUGE smile on my face! I looked up and Kevin waved to me from the bridge. It as just absolutely magical, and an experience I will never forget! 

Once I was done, I ran back up and watched as Kevin jumped over the edge. He was nervous too, but had a blast! Once he was finished, we both sat down by the river and watched the next group jump. WOW….that bridge was high! 

For $15 a person, this was by far the most thrilling jump i've ever taken!! Enjoy the pics!! Happy Monday! 

PS- If you like my headband, you can purchase them here from the talented Christina! 

{Kevin was so grateful it was over! Whew!}

In case you missed it…a few other fun activities in Banos included:
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- Volcanic Theramal Baths

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