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Thursday, February 19

{FYI…I'm sold out of the purses…thanks everyone for inquiring!} 

Without a doubt, I love a good market! So whenever we are traveling, Kevin knows I always need some time shopping  checking out the local specialties. With all the self-control I can muster, I usually only pick out one little treat for myself because buying more items means carrying more weight on my back!! {and let's just put it this way…i'm no body builder} But while in Ecuador, I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor with how many gorgeous items that abounded…it was torture to narrow down my purchasing to only one item. I'm SUCH a sucker for bright colorful patterns.

However, Kevin and I felt like we couldn't leave Ecuador without purchasing a few items to bring back to you, my readers!! So, of course I bought the most adorable items in the market…these cute little leather purses with a touch of wool colored fabric. They pretty much sum up my style as total bohemian but practical little satchels! I've got a handful of these babies, and i'm selling them for $35 each. They are 100% leather, with a strap, snap flap, and colored swatch of fabric. First come first serve!! If you're interested, please email me at

What are your favorite items at international markets? Anything in particular you look for?

Happy Shopping…I mean Happy Checking out the Local Specialties!! hehe!

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