Zip Lining // Banos, Ecuador

Wednesday, February 4

As if the bridge swing, volcanic thermal baths, and swing at the end of the world weren't enough…we also tried our hand at zip lining! {I'm telling you, Banos has SO much to do you'll never run out of activities!} 

To be honest, Kevin and I almost didn't go zip lining. We've been in a few other countries, and just weren't sure if we wanted to spend the money on something we've already done. However, with the $25 price tag, we felt like it would totally be worth the adventure! 

Boy, were we in for a surprise! Without a doubt, this is the BEST zip lining course I have ever done, HANDS DOWN! First of all, you just can't beat the scenery in Banos. Almost every line sent you speeding over a massive canyon with rivers and waterfalls splashing below. We were SO high up in the air (the pictures don't do it justice as most of them were taken as we approached the landing platform!) that the view alone was amazing. Every line gives you a different ride, with new scenery and a new riding position (i.e.: superman, regular, upside down, etc! It was wild!)

If you are in Banos, you cannot miss the zip lining…you just can't! The other fun part about the trip was that we got paired up with a Brazilian couple, and it sure was fun getting to know them, they were great! Like I mentioned, these pictures don't give this beautiful experience justice! Oh well! I hope you enjoy them anyway! 

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