Ensenada, Mexico

Wednesday, December 3

The second full day of the cruise we embarked in Ensenada, Mexico. Even though we live so close to Ensenada, I've actually never been. I've certainly been to many of the surrounding areas, but never Ensenada. My brother-in-law drove the whole gang out to La Bufadora (or the blowhole) where we walked down a beautiful scenic vista along the cliffs of the ocean, to witness the natural blowhole. It was actually pretty amazing. Water would come in, and then by some scientific reason {which I don't know} it would build water pressure and send a whole bucket of water shooting up into the air. I just love how impressive and creative nature can be…God's a genius! We literally watched the water spout up and down for a long time, I loved it.

And what is a trip to Mexico without tacos? Seriously, you haven't had "real" Mexican food until you eat a street taco off the grills of Mexico. They are the very best. Because they are so good, we visited not one, but two taco shops! The first shop sold only fish tacos, so we cleaned up there! Yum! The second shop sold everything, and I devoured a carne asada taco! Everyone was going to town and it was a blast just hanging out and eating such fresh food!

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, I will be honest and say that Ensenada does not need to be on your list. Kevin and I toured the Maya Riviera in Quintana Roo, and that was AMAZING, by far our favorite. And as you know, I recently went into the heart of Mexico here {to do some medical work} and that was also brilliantly beautiful. Ensenada is fun for a day or two trip, but no need to add it to your "must sees"! Regardless, we had a blast, and I am so grateful I got to do a little touring!!

I hope you all are having an amazing week! It's been raining here in Southern California, which is SUCH a wonderful and refreshing change! I did have to chuckle because as I walked into work today, everyone was saying things like "it's so cold!" {it's like 68 degrees} and "be safe driving out there" {like we are in some hurricane except NOT! }. We just don't know what to do when the weather changes! But as for me, i've been soaking it in (no pun intended!!). I've been blasting Christmas music on my record player, lighting Christmas candles, and drinking Christmas teas. I've also been reading the Christmas story which amazes me. A few things have struck me, which I'll be sharing more about on Friday!

Oh, and so totally random. Today at our international student lunch, Kevin and I met a Hungarian celebrity. She was so sweet and kind, and was showing us her tv shows on youtube! We were kinda startstruck! #randomtidbitiknow But we feel so blessed to be meeting the most amazing people from all over the world!! I love how wonderful it can be to meet new friends, such inspiring stories out there.

Happy day friends!!

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