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Wednesday, December 10

If you've been following me for half a minute on either my blog or IG, you'll notice that I talk A LOT about my Swedish family. My dad is 100% Swedish, and through the years we've had our Swedish family come and visit, as evidenced here,  (and some of my cousins have even lived with us), and we've filed through their quaint yellow and red homes in Sweden. I've always had a love affair with all things Swedish, because let's face it…Sweden, and it's people, are so stylish! Think IKEA and H&M {and I also just learned that Swedes invented both Skype and Spotify! Now go hug a Swede!!}

So needless to say, a few months ago I was perusing through a flea market in my home town, when I stumbled across the most adorable pop-up shop I ever laid eyes on. My Swedish roots could spot the Scandinavian designs from a mile away! That morning I met Heidi, an American-Norwegian, who told me about her shop called The Nordic Fox. I was smitten:)

YOU GUYS…it's seriously adorable. Knowing that many of you readers would be all over the creative and affordable items in her shop, I asked if she'd be willing to do a give-away! And you can thank your lucky stars she agreed!!

Today, i'm giving away a Nordic Spruce Soy Candle, and the Nordic Fox Rosemaling Print.

Let's start with this candle…first of all, i'm all into burning natural candles, and soy is a great choice! {No toxins being emitted into your air!} Secondly, the scent will literally make you think you are in a gorgeous grove of Spruce trees in Norway. {who knows, you may even run into Anna and Elsa! Ok…bad joke, I know, but i'm pretty sure Frozen takes place in Norway!}

Secondly, let's talk about the Rosemaling fox print. Oh my, my heart just melted a little. The perfect accent picture for your home, especially during Christmas!!

Here's what you need to do to win this dynamic duo:
1. Follow The Nordic Fox on IG @nordicfoxshop
2. Go to the Nordic Fox's online shop here, and then leave a comment below with your favorite item!
3. Follow Hope Engaged on IG, FB, and Bloglovin 
{If you don't have one of these social media outlets, don't let that stop you from entering! Follow what you can, and make sure to check out the Nordic Fox shop and leave a comment below!}

That's it! I can't wait for one of you lovely ladies to light this spruce candle and display the sweet little fox in your room! And even if you don't win, the Nordic fox is a great place to buy unique and adorable last minute Christmas gifts! I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!! I will be writing a paper all the live-long day, but once it is done, I'm DONE WITH MY SEMESTER!! On to 5 weeks vacation, hooray!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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