3 Unique Gifts {for the last minute shopper!}

Monday, December 22

It's 3 days till Christmas, and guess what? I'm not done Christmas shopping! Whoops!

Today I wanted to take a minute and share 3 unique gifts that I'm giving others for Christmas. You all know i'm super thrifty, but when it comes to certain items, I'll gladly pay a little more for the perfect gift. I love the idea of giving something a little different, and these are 3 gifts that will keep on giving:)

Artifact Uprising

Have you heard of Artifact Uprising? I know there are a lot of printing companies out there, (I've used a lot of them) but in my humble opinion AU far more unique, sleek, and just really stylish. They are not paying me to say this (nor do they even know i'm writing this blog), but I used them this year to make Kevin's gift, and I was absolutely astonished when I got it in the mail. I surprised Kev with a photo book of our SE Asia trip. The book was really easy to make, and my favorite part was the canvas covers they offer in different colors! I chose the tan cover for this book, but already have my eye on the navy color for our Turkey/Greece trip  pictures! Since you probably won't have enough time to make a book and get it shipped, a gift card might be the next best option!! Check them out here! 


Have you heard of Tinggly? I was just introduced to them this year, and WOW, I am already hooked. They essentially offer "experiences"…basically fun excursions to do while on a trip! Let's say you are planning a trip to Thailand, and you have a birthday coming up. You can ask your friends or family for an "experience" they offer in Thailand…. for instance, Tinggly offers an "Unforgettable 2 day trekking in Chaing Mai for two". How cool that instead of just giving you cash, your friends and family can purchase something So special that adds to your adventure! So…since Christmas is just 3 days away, check out Tinggly's "experiences" by clicking here.  You might find it's the perfect gift for you to buy for a friend or family member for Christmas!


Ok, ok…so basket's really aren't that unique of an idea. BUT…they are making a major comeback as adorable accessories for a home! In my room alone I have 7 baskets! I've filled them with books, plants, a place for my school bag, glasses, etc! If you have a fashion forward woman in your life…consider buying her an adorable basket {i've seen so really cute ones at target lately, like this and this!}.

Welp, I hope you enjoy this next week with your family. Kevin and I are picking my little sister up at at the airport today in LA, and then driving up to Northern California. I am beyond excited!! Woo Hoo! I can't help but singing over and over in my head "I'll be home for CHristmas":) 

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