An Advent reflection

Friday, December 5

Oh friends, this time of year is pure bliss for me. I LOVE decorating, Christmas traditions, baking, scented candles, finding the perfect gift for others...and stilling my heart in preparation for the birth of our glorious Savior. Isn't He wonderful?

The last few days i've been reading the Christmas story in the morning, meditating on all the glorious events surrounding His birth. This story is not new to me. I grew up doing Advent devotions every night with my family, reading the beautifully illustrated and giant Christmas book my mom had. Every night all four of us kids would cozy up on the couch surrounding my mom, and listen to the events unfold. What is such a sacred mystery to me is how the story can bring forth such newness every year. Like the Lord has a treasure just for me enfolded into HIS story, that meets my weary heart right where I am at.

This year is no different. A few days ago I was reading from Luke 1:46-56, a portion entitled "Mary's Song". Mary's jubulent voice can be heard right after she is visited by an angel, learning of the precious life inside of her. I've read this passage many times, where she praises and glorifies the Lord for the opportunity to be a part of the ancient story of God.

But what struck me this year was very different.

In the second half of verse 51, Mary cries
"He has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts"

and a few lines later says, "He has lifted up the humble"

It's the age old juxtaposition between the Proud heart and the Humble heart. And boy, was that convicting. Christmas ushers in a time to become right with the living God. Over and over in scripture we see God's pure hatred of pride. And over and over again, my heart can be overcome by this deadly sin. I hate it.

So this season, I was to be so mindful that Jesus came
HUMBLY into the world

to live a life characterized by

and to die a

for me.

May we take a moment (or a LONG time) this season, to humbly come before the Lord and wash away our pride. To bring us to the place where we can see the Christmas story with SUCH JOY and utter ANTICIPATION because the remedy to our pride IS COMING. HE IS COMING.

May it bring us to our knees in absolute awe and wonder, because we know with utter desperation that there is nothing else like HIM.


sweet, sweet Jesus.

So on my knees, I glorify and praise Him. Like Mary, like Elizabeth and Zachariah, like the Shepherds, and like Joseph.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rest"


Happy weekend sweet friends!

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