5 Reasons You Should Visit Ecuador in 2015

Monday, May 18

In all our research on South America, Ecuador kept coming up as a crowd favorite. And now having visited, I can attest to why this country makes such positive ripples in the travel realm. If you are considering visiting South America, I want to give you 5 reasons why Ecuador should be on your itinerary:

1. It's Cheap
{picture taken at the swing at the end of the world, here

If you are on a budget, this is the country for you my friend! Generally, meals cost us about $2-5 and lodging around $40-50. Transportation is incredibly cheap with taxi's around $2 anywhere in the city, and buses between major cities costing a mere $3.50! We bused from Cuenca to Baños, and then from Banos to Quito, all for $7 bucks a person!

You'll notice that in Baños, we were able to do a ton of adventure sports, only because the prices were so cheap! Zip Lining cost around $25, Bridge swinging was $20, thermal baths were $20 (for the resort style ones) and $3.5 (for the public ones). My hour long massage costs $25. Activities are cheap and fun...the perfect combo!!

2. They use the American Dollar

Since we're already on the topic of money, Ecuador uses the American dollar, making it very easy to get around. No need to exchange money or try to spend the last few cents before you leave! You can bring your money or get it out of the ATM in Ecuador. When you leave Ecuador, you just take whatever you have left with you and spend it in the US! So easy!

3. The Natural Beauty is Breathtaking
One of the most important reason to visit Ecuador is that you can relax and enjoy the most unbelievable scenery at your doorstep. Particularly in Baños, you will be surrounded by lush green mountains, rushing rivers, and waterfalls galore! While we didn't have time (or money) to visit the Galapagos Islands, i've heard there is no place in the entire world like it! You can't go wrong in Ecuador in terms of beauty!

4. It is Rich in History

I'm pretty sure the history of South America was overlooked by my elementary school teachers, besides the week we spent on the Maya, Incas and Aztecs. So reading about Ecuadorian history was new and fascinating! It was easy to see the influence of the Spanish colonizers, as the architecture paralleled Spain in so many ways. Quito {Part 1, Part 2} has some of the most beautiful buildings in all of South America, and Cuenca is a historical gem in it's own right!

5. It's less touristy

One of the things Kevin and I noticed about Ecuador is that it is way lest touristy than other countries. If you're looking for a bit of a hidden gem before the masses of people "discover" it, definitely consider Ecuador! There were plenty of places we were the only tourists around, and it felt divine!!

I hope you'll give Ecuador a shot in the coming year, I promise it won't disappoint!
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Happy Monday Friends! 

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