The Oaks at Ojai // Mother's Day Spa Retreat

Tuesday, May 12

This past  weekend all the ladies in my family (mom, sisters, aunts, cousin) drove from different parts of California to reunite in sweet little Ojai, California. Ojai is nestled in between the coastal mountains, surrounded by idyllic orange groves and avocados. It's an artists haven, and has maintained it's old world charm:) {ie: it's an extremely wealthy and swanky place where a ton of celebrities live! I heard rumors Channing Tatum frequents the farmers markets, and Anne Hathaway is sometimes seen walking the neighborhoods! I may or may not have been on a celebrity look-out! ha} 

My mom has started a tradition of brining all the ladies together to attend a spa called The Oaks at Ojai. They have a special mother/daughter weekend over Mother's day, which is awesome {and gives a discount!}. Now...this isn't your average "spa" resort where you lay around and eat bon bons and get massages and facials. No, this little gem was founded by the grandmother of aerobics, Sheila Cluff. And at this spa, you eat healthy, work-out like crazy, and have all sorts of hilarious activities at night! 

A typical day included waking up for a 6:30am hike into the mountains {which was just gorgeous!}, then coming back for a yummy breakfast at 8am. This was followed by 3 work-out classes, then lunch, and then 3 more work-out classes! {Are you feeling tired just reading this? haha!}. The work-out classes ranged anywhere from yoga and Pilates to dance classes and hoola hoop, to boot camp, interval training and water aerobics! They were so much fun! Then we'd shower, and have a lovely dinner feeling so good about how healthy we were all day! 

The first night we were there it was pajama bingo, with 'I Love Lucy' trivia, haha! My mom ended up winning the grand prize, and I made off by winning a dozen gluten free muffins (score!). The second night was Karaoke...and let me tell you, we were off the hook! My sisters and I sang "Shake it of" by Taylor Swift, a little "Roar" from Katy Perry, and of course "Call me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson. We literally are the world's worst singers...but we put our heart and soul into dancing. When we finished, the bougie karaoke guy told us that's the first time he's seen people lose weight while singing {ie: we were killing it in the dance department...apparently to make up for our lack of singing on key!} The finale was when my whole family got up and sang love shack...watching my mom and aunts dancing was a site to behold:) 

Late at night we'd all pile into the room together, tell stories, laugh, and giggle like small children. I'm so grateful that my family values being together and making sweet memories! 

If you are interested in visiting the Oaks, i'd absolutely recommend it. You get to choose what you do, so if work-out classes aren't your thing, there are plenty of relaxing opportunities! Ojai is a gorgeous little haven, you'll love it! Hope your Mother's day was grand!! 

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